VIPKid Hours Chart

VIPKid Hours Chart

If you teach for VIPKid, you get to choose your own schedule and open up time slots to teach that work for you. This is one of the biggest perks the company offers, but there is a catch. To get the most bookings, you need to be available during certain times of the day when the majority of students are looking to book their classes. 


Because most VIPKid teachers are in the United States, and students are located in China, the time difference does make this a bit tricky. To help you figure out when to clear your schedule to get the most bookings, take a look at our VIPKid Hours Chart – screenshot it, bookmark it, or print it off and keep it in your “classroom.” Trust me, you’ll need it. 

The most booked time slots on VIPKid by time zone for 2021

With the peak hours and peak-peak hours readily available, you can ensure you have these hours open. But let’s be honest, most of us don’t have a heck of a lot going on during 4AM-7AM. 

Another resource to convert Beijing Time to EST or CST is the WorldTimeBuddy tool. You can plug in three different time zones and see exactly what time it will be in Beijing when it’s a certain time in your time zone. You really only need this if you’re trying to convert the time outside of peak and peak-peak teaching hours, but I think it’s helpful to have both the hours chart and converter bookmarked somewhere to use when needed. 

VIPKid Minimum/Maximum Hours

If you’re new to VIPKid, you might be wondering how many times you have to teach per week. Unlike many other ESL schools, there is no minimum or maximum number of hours you can teach with VIPKid. You have full control over your schedule and how many or few hours you choose to work. Some of the VIPKid teachers who use FeedbackPanda are full-time teachers, while others do it as a side gig or teach during their summers off. Generally, the more hours you have available, the more bookings you’ll get – but if you want to just work part-time and still make good money, you’ll want to get your hours in during the peak or peak-peak times displayed in the hours chart above. 


Summer Hours

VIPKid Teacher Summer Hours

Because many VIPKid teachers also work for brick-and-mortar schools or other online schools during the spring and fall, a lot of teachers wonder about working only during the summer. While this is an option, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure you are following your contract. 


First, make sure you apply for VIPKid in advance if you want to start right at the beginning of your summer break. Applying at least one month ahead of time should give you enough time to hear back from the school, go through an interview, and be onboarded. 


VIPKid contracts are for six months, but it’s usually okay if you give the company notice before you plan on leaving after the summer’s over. However, if you have the availability to work a class or two per week throughout the fall and spring semesters, it will make returning in the summer so much easier. For one, you’ve been actively teaching, which means you’ve probably collected some parent reviews and feedback. And two, you don’t have to constantly quit and reapply each year. Your reputation with parents, students, and the company is more likely to stay intact that way. 


VIPKid Hours FAQ

How do you take vacation time or time off with VIPKid?

If you need to take vacation time with VIPKid, all you have to do is change your availability on the VIPKid teach app and make sure you don’t open any time slots for students to book you during the time you’re away. You can also leave a note in your profile to explain why you will be gone. It won’t harm your reputation or cause you to not get bookings in the future. 


Can you be a full-time VIPKid teacher?

Yes, you can be a full-time VIPKid teacher if you choose to. Usually, teachers will start off part-time until they build up enough bookings to go full-time. If you are looking for ways to increase the number of classes you teach, check out our VIPKid Bookings Guide


How long are VIPKid classes?

Each VIPKid class is 25 minutes long, and that includes Unit Assessments and trial classes. Classes start at the top of every hour or half-hour. This gives you five minutes to write feedback and move onto the next class, which is typically not enough time if you are creating feedback from scratch. With FeedbackPanda’s feedback templates, you can create unique VIPKid feedback in a couple of minutes and submit it right away so you can make it to your next class on time or move on with your other daily responsibilities. Plus, it’s free to try for 14 days