VIPKid Free TEFL Course

Find out everything you need to know about the VIPKid free TEFL course and certificate — what it is, why you should get it, and how to complete it.

VIPKID’s Free TEFL course

What is the TEFL Certificate

TEFL, or Teaching English as a Foreign Language, is a certification that shows you’ve completed a set amount of hours of training specific to teaching English as a foreign language. In VIPKid’s case, this certification is issued by the China State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs (SAFEA). 

The great thing about SAFEA’s TEFL certificate is that it’s based on research centered around Chinese students and only takes about 25 hours to complete. (And remember, more certifications = more VIPKid bookings). There are two modules that you’ll need to complete:

  1. The academic portion, which takes roughly 20 hours
  2. The practical portion, which is only 10 classes

Other TEFL courses can run up to 200 hours, so this is definitely a fast-track course. 

The academic portion is divided into four modules with quizzes at the end of each module. You must pass these quizzes in order to obtain your certification. Additionally, your 10 classes taught must have a parent rating of 4 apples or greater. Don’t worry, though — if, after 15 days, parents don’t leave any feedback, your completed class will automatically count as a 4+ apple review!

VIPKID’s Free TEFL certification

Why get the TEFL Certificate?

While obtaining the TEFL certification is more work than gaining certification for other courses, it will also carry more weight. Having TEFL will look great on your profile to parents, which may also positively affect your VIPKid bookings! If you’re interested in teaching with other institutions based out of China, having a SAFEA issued TEFL certificate will also look great on your resume. 

During your TEFL training, you’ll also learn more about specific strategies that will help you become the best possible teacher you can be – and who doesn’t want that?

How Do I Get the TEFL?

From the VIPKid Portal, click on “Certifications”, go to the “Edu Course” tab, and click on the TEFL Online button

From the VIPKid Portal, click on “Certifications”, go to the “Edu Course” tab, and click on the TEFL Online button

Once in the portal, you’ll enter your basic personal and educational information and start your first module!

How Much Does the TEFL Certification Cost?

Normally $129, VIPKid is currently offering this certificate for free. However, if you want a certificate that you can use outside VIPKid (for another ESL school, perhaps), you’ll need to pay either $79 or 3,950 tokens to obtain a printable version. 

Now that you have all the facts on the TEFL certificate through VIPKid, let us know how you did below! You can also have a look at English: The New Universal Language

VIPKid TEFL Certification: What It Is and How To Pass