Elayne Lemieux

Elayne, her husband, and two of their five fur-kids.

Elayne Lemieux

Montréal, Québec, Canada

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Tiny Paws Dog Rescue

Elayne met her students when she won the coveted trip to China in 2016.

Elayne’s Story

Elayne Lemieux has been with VIPKid since 2015! She was with the Orange Company in the early days, when the fledgling business had only a fraction of the teachers it has now, and everyone on staff wore at least ten different hats. She experienced the stress, the expectation, the exhilaration, but most importantly the pride in being a part of something huge. VIPKid is one of the largest, most successful, and most respected ESL companies in China and Elayne was one of the people that made it happen.

Today, Elayne still wears many hats. She teaches one-to-one classes and the one-to-many for the Rural Education Project and the School Class Project. She also assists with creating and implementing different projects and procedures for the company. She is also one of the boots on the ground, stepping in to lend a helping hand during crises. She is one of the people in North America who help keep the company running smoothly so that we can conduct our classes successfully.

In her spare time, Elayne loves to spend time with her husband and her dogs. She and her husband are very active in volunteering with Tiny Paws Dog Rescue and the Wienerfest annual breed-specific fundraising event. They even met through dog rescue, while volunteering at the Wienerfest event–certainly one of the most romantic stories ever! They have adopted dachshunds and additionally, they foster several dogs. When we spoke with Elayne, she and her husband were fostering four dogs–bringing the household count to nine!

Elayne gave us an in-depth look at what goes on behind the scenes at VIPKid. We are so used to everything running smoothly, we often don’t think about the amount of work that it takes to keep it that way. Thank you, Elayne, for doing your part to help your colleagues. If you’d like to read more about Elayne, check out her story on the Hutong.

Elayne loves to spend time with her dogs. VIPKid gives her the freedom to take care of her five dogs, as well as rescue/foster orphaned dogs.