Devin Didier

Teacher Devin and his mini-me, Claire.
Lovely family photo with Devin, his wife Carrie, and their six children.
Kids from left to right: Christian (16), Claire (3), Caden (14), Charis (11), Callen (7), and Cai (10).

Devin’s Story

Devin Didier could possibly be called a Renaissance man–he has substantial knowledge in many areas, including teaching with VIPKid. One of the most interesting aspects of his life is his family, which includes his wife Carrie, six kids (the eldest being in high school), and a few fur-kids. What is truly amazing is how he and his wife manage their work while homeschooling six children. 

Feedback Panda has helped Devin keep track of his schedule. It has reduced the amount of time he spends on feedback by hours. With his large family and many responsibilities, time is one of the most precious commodities in his life. Not only has FeedbackPanda reduced the stress of being an online teacher, but it has also helped him to put his energy into other avenues of earning a living.

Along with his full schedule with VIPKid, Devin runs three businesses on the side, related to health and beauty. From their home, he and his wife make bath and body products such as lotions, tattoo aftercare balms, cleansers, and scrubs. Their inspiration was one of their children, who suffered from eczema since birth. They started their skincare line because the condition was exacerbated by commercial hygiene products.

Giving a presentation for his company, Sweet Girl Bath and Body.
Devin used to have a very thick beard, but now wears it much shorter.
One of his passions is music, and he loves performing live.

Additionally, Devin believes in and uses exogenous ketones. He has an online store for this supplement, which he credits with giving him the sustaining energy he needs to complete his online teaching routine plus the countless other tasks he must fulfill.

If the above-mentioned things were not enough, Devin started out teaching music in a brick and mortar institution. He was a music major in college, and he plays guitar, piano, and a little sax. However, he considers crooning one of his best talents.  He regularly incorporates his guitar and singing into his VIPKid lessons!

Not last, and certainly not the least, Devin has a deep interest in rebuilding things! He loves to rebuild computers and cars. If you’re in the area of Springfield, MO, you’re lucky! You can check out what he has to offer in the way of electronics, as well as visit him at one of the outdoor markets where he regularly sells his goods.

For those of us who don’t live in his vicinity, we can go to his websites to check out his wares and purchase products. You can also drop him a direct message via Facebook or Instagram.

Thank you, Devin, for taking the time to talk to us. We enjoyed having you as our first V.I.Panda live interviewee!

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