💖V.I.Pandas of 2018💖

We at FeedbackPanda want to extend our thanks to the teachers who spent the time to participate in our V.I.Panda feature. Putting these stories together was a lot of fun, and we got to know some great people better. Here is a recap of our 2018 V.I.Pandas, all of whom contributed words of wisdom to our blog.

Teacher Lili

Lili Flores

“Could I possibly make a good amount of money… teaching… from home… and still be able to stay home with our daughter??? The answer is yes. To say that this job is a blessing is an understatement. I am able to hang out with my kiddo before she goes off to school in a few years! I am able to stay home and cook and clean for our family!”

Dana Johnson

On why she became an entomologist: “I never want anyone to go through this but sadly it is out of my control as more and more people get sick with not just Lyme bacteria but many other different types of pathogens that are transferred by arthropods. I may not be able to control this number, but I can certainly try my hardest to control the insects/arachnids that are causing such devastating diseases.”

Devin Didier

On the importance of social media to keep us at the top of our game: “The social part of Instagram is awesome. I love the community. It gives us a connection…it’s so helpful, I think. It really helps you to understand what is going on with VIPKid. I have some friends who aren’t as connected, and they often say, “I didn’t know that!'”

Jennifer Torres

“I am the type of teacher that puts a priority on the connection I make with the child. I love them as if they were my own and this, in turn, results in them trusting me and giving me 110% percent in class.”

Amanda List

“I love teaching about emotions, animals, and anything about cultural differences. These lessons make it so easy to introduce my pets, show what morning looks like outside my window, or go on a ‘field trip’ around my house. It’s great because the students will reciprocate and I get to see what it looks like around their house or neighborhood as well!”

Margaret Brumbaugh

“Learning a foreign language is extremely important to me. I believe language is a catalyst and will benefit my daughter in all areas of academics.  Thanks to technology, the world today is more connected than ever before. Learning languages can give her more career opportunities.”

Michelle Cremidis

On the best way to use FeedbackPanda:  “I have gotten tons of positive feedback from parents about how responsible I am as a teacher with providing such in-depth parent feedback and comments. It has also helped me become a lot more organized. Please don’t copy a teacher’s template word for word. Make sure that you add your own personal touches to it that fit the student and their performance with that lesson. Parents know when they see a carbon copy and general feedback that is unpersonable.”

Laura Risdall

On VIPKid’s platform: “I love that the parents book you because then you have the personal connection–the parents pick the teachers they really like. And now I’m on the other side of it…my daughter is learning Spanish, and I love that I can pick the teacher.”

Heather Bentley

On why she loves VIPKid so much: “I live in the Kansas City area and organize the Kansas City VIPKID meetups along with my best friend who I started this journey with. Organizing meetups and bringing our community together is extremely rewarding and our KC community is one of the best! Working for VIPKID has been a huge blessing and these kiddos are so amazing I traveled to China in September 2017 to meet some of them!”

Elayna Gallea

On the Canadian climate, and keeping her mind active: “I love to knit and crochet. I’m Canadian and the winters are cold so there’s a lot of people who love my hobbies too. I also love to read and can devour a book in a day or two. I really enjoy listening to podcasts while walking my dogs. I’ll squeeze in extra learning whenever I can.”

Jennifer J.

On how FeedbackPanda helps her organize her students and classes: “I love Feedback Panda because I can easily find previous feedback for each student, see birthdays, see notes I’ve made about each student, and keep track or rewards and how many times I’ve seen the student. The big thing for me is that it’s all in one place.”

Elayne Lemieux

On inevitable difficulties with online teaching: “First, take a deep breath, because it’s a very different type of classroom than what we’re accustomed to. We need some time to adjust, and it sometimes takes several classes to find what teaching style works for each of us. It’s important to be yourself. Not every student will connect with us, nor will we connect with each student. But there is a teacher out there for each student.”

Kendra W.

“We recently bought a house so I am enjoying dreaming about how to make it ‘ours’ (needs some TLC) – paint colors, landscaping, etc.  It’s a small house so it’s like a puzzle trying to fit our family life, homeschooling life, and my VIPKid life all together!! We make it work!  As a family, we love spending time together.”

Allen Arnold

Tricks for staying alert: “Lots of caffeine. The truth is as soon as the camera turns on and my student is there I’m all smiles and full of energy. After classes are done is another story altogether. 😂😜”

Lauren Rubin

“I’m a simple girl who likes to get through the day with some things to look forward to! So my interests are pretty much getting to watch some fun tv here and there (Real Housewives anyone?) and some girl’s nights out with friends. Other than that I’m trying my best to take care of my kids and house!”

Carly Hudson

“One of the most challenging parts of teaching online back-to-back classes is being dynamic enough to switch gears between young students and older students. I personally love the ebb and flow of my classroom schedule between the two age groups. It’s great to play and have fun, and let your silly out a bit, but it’s also refreshing to have some meaningful dialogue.”