Lauren Rubin

Teacher Lauren and her kids, Natalie and Nathan.

Teacher Lauren, before joining the VIPKid club, worked for a wine and liquor distributor. With the shift to online education came more opportunities for her to contribute to her family while raising her young twins, Natalie and Nathan. As many of us fellow online educators have found, working from home allowed her ample freedom to stay at home with her children. FeedbackPanda is delighted to present Lauren Rubin as our V.I.Panda!

Lauren Rubin

Attribution Name:
Teacher Lauren MAI

Tampa, Florida

What companies do you teach for?

Do you have an outside job – related or unrelated to teaching?
I’m a full-time mom to twin 5-year-olds.

How long have you been teaching online?
Since August 2017

Have you always taught? Or did you start out in another field entirely?
Different fields! My longest career before teaching online was working for a wine and liquor distributor in both the accounting and sales divisions.

Tricks for staying alert:
I actually don’t drink coffee (just have never liked it!) and I usually do ok but there have been times where my eyes definitely want to close while teaching- not good! All I can do is force them open really wide and make myself extra animated.

What is your schedule like?
I wake up at 3:45 AM and get in front of my computer by 4:30. Then I teach from 5 AM until 8 AM. I do this most days, usually taking a day off a week or more, depending on what I need time off for.

Favorite lesson (or level) to teach:
Probably the lessons about holidays- Hanukkah, Kwanza, etc.


Teacher Lauren is at the bowling alley with her family–husband Jason and kids Natalie and Nathan.

What do you do between classes?
Often I have less than 5 minutes so I usually take a bite of a granola bar and sometimes close my eyes for a few seconds!

How do you use FeedbackPanda (what is your process)?
I make sure at least a day before that I have all the templates ready for my upcoming classes. I’m particular about the templates I use and like them to be in there exactly how I like them before I use them. I’m probably a bit different/neurotic than other users in this way! I finish teaching each morning by 8 AM, get breakfast for my kids and then go back to work, doing all my feedback.

Describe your feedback style or structure:
I am more on the detailed side. I don’t go overboard and I use simple language, but I touch on all parts of the lesson in the order everything is taught. I include anything that the student can work on or anything he/she did extra great with or something we had fun with together. I always thank them for having a class with me.

Good feedback must contain…
a reference to all parts of the lesson, in my opinion. It should be polite but honest. Be sure to use correct grammar with no misspelled words, especially since some of the parents are fluent in English! And course personal touches – referencing something fun we talked about, telling them to have a happy upcoming birthday, etc.

What do you like to see when checking the Teacher-to-Teacher Feedback (notes on students from teachers in the VIPKid portal)?
I like when teachers keep it real! If the student was a nightmare, I don’t mind reading about that and being prepared! It’s good to know what kind of personality you’ll be dealing with. I always write some kind of T2T feedback.

What are your interests?
I’m a simple girl who likes to get through the day with some things to look forward to!. So my interests are pretty much getting to watch some fun tv here and there (Real Housewives anyone?) and some girl’s nights out with friends. Other than that I’m trying my best to take care of my kids and house!

How has FeedbackPanda changed your daily routine or enriched your life (before/after for example)?
I cannot imagine getting my feedback done without it! I absolutely love knowing that my templates are exactly how I want them and of course I can always edit them. I also love how I can refer back to old feedback and I like adding descriptions of my students. Sometimes these descriptions can get a bit too honest. 😜