Carly Hudson

“This is me in one my many classroom set-ups. I like to keep things fresh and exciting in the classroom, so I often move my classroom around and use new back-ups and props. I also love green screening, because it allows us to travel anywhere we can image in the classroom. ManyCam is my jam. I use it in every class for decorations and reward systems.”

Carly Hudson

Stephenville, TX

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The Most Heartwarming Story for the Holidays

Teacher Carly has an extraordinary story to tell. She started out in the world of business, and made a huge transition to teaching online. Besides her work with VIPKid and TAL Education Group, she and her husband raise five children! Now, with a family of seven, time-management can be tricky, but there is never a boring hour in the day.

“One of the most challenging parts of teaching online back-to-back classes is being dynamic enough to switch gears between young students and older students. I personally love the ebb and flow of my classroom schedule between the two age groups. It’s great to play and have fun, and let your silly out a bit. It’s also refreshing to have some meaningful dialogue beyond, ‘This is my mom.'”

Carly gave us a very honest account of her family life. A large family makes her life wonderfully hectic and always busy. She adopted three children, and thereafter gave birth to two more children. Pinning down a schedule is key to time management, between raising her children and helping her husband with household finances. But wait–that’s not all! She also leads the children’s choir at her local church, Rocky Point Baptist Church. They recently held a special performance for Christmas!

Carly’s children – Aryanna, Cheyanne, Aiden, Hayden, and Adalynn. The lights of her life!
“This is the children’s choir that I direct through our local church. Music is flavored medicine for the soul, and it’s always so useful in learning. We love going out and singing for our senior citizens at Christmas time, and on other occasions. It’s a gift to be a part of their lives!”

Carly talked to us about the immense joy she and her husband, Bart, get from their family life. She also gave us a very personal account of how she helps her young daughter with dyslexia. Because she homeschools her children, she is able to give her daughter more support. Carly is an inspiration to us all; she meets life’s challenges with grace and strength.

“This is my right-hand man, my husband Bart. He has been my biggest source of encouragement and was the reason that I was able to gather up the courage to apply for VIPKID. I love that he takes the time to tell me how proud he is, and he remembers my students. He will often ask how they were doing if he knows I’m teaching a certain kiddo that morning.”

Carly Hudson’s story is fascinating. Each online ESL teacher has a unique story, and Carly is just one of the many bright stars in our community. Please watch our interview with Carly to learn more about her.