Allen Arnold

Allen Arnold teaches from the Equality State, AKA Wyoming. After he’s done with his VIPKid lessons, he teaches Special Ed at Riverton High School. Like many of us online teachers, Allen came from a different background entirely. He started out in the sales sector, and transitioned to education. This is part of his success as a VIPKid teacher, since online teaching has an element of attracting a client base. Thank you, Allen, for sharing your story and your pictures with us! 

Allen Arnold

Riverton, Wyoming

What companies do you teach for?

Do you have an outside job – related or unrelated to teaching?
I teach Special Ed at Riverton High School.

How long have you been teaching?
I’ve been teaching online for about 7 months.

Have you always taught? Or did you start out in another field entirely?
I was in sales for a good portion of my adult life. I’ve sold everything from Health and Life Insurance to office furniture.

Tricks for staying alert:
Lots of caffeine. The truth is as soon as the camera turns on and my student is there I’m all smiles and full of energy. After classes are done is another story altogether.

What is your schedule like?
During the school year, I teach 4 classes in the morning and on Friday and Saturday I teach 5 classes in the evening.   During the summer I open up quite a few more slots.

Favorite lesson (or level) to teach:
I really enjoy my level 2s, they are really fun and is great to watch their skills in the English language grow. I think my favorite though is my level 4 and 5.  It’s fun to talk with them about the American culture and learn about theirs.

Allen’s classroom setup is amazing! We can all take a page from his book. 😃

What do you do between classes?
Feedback, bathroom run, and more coffee.

How do you use FeedbackPanda (what is your process)?
I prepare all my feedback for the next day the night before. That way I can just pop it in and voila I’m off to the next class. It’s also been a life savior keeping track of all my students and the rewards I use during each lesson.

Describe your feedback style/structure:
I start with the templates and before submitting the feedback I customize the feedback to talk about things the student needs to work on.

Good feedback must contain…
What the student did well, and what they need to work.

What do you like to see when checking the Teacher-to-Teacher Feedback (notes on students from teachers in the VIPKid portal)?
What the student’s strengths and weaknesses are. Any interests the student has mentioned, and the demeanor of the student.

Allen with one of his students at the Pumpkin Patch Festival last Halloween. The students go every year to pick out a pumpkin. What a great little field trip!
Allen’s students at Riverton High School during an award ceremony to recognize their achievements.

Has FeedbackPanda helped you manage your job and personal life? Any specifics? (e.g. before and after)
Before Feedback Panda I had to spend already a half hour after my classes writing feedback. The worst part was trying to remember all the objectives covered in each lesson. Now I have my feedback ready to go. I usually add a few things such as what my student should work on before their next lesson, but for the most part, it is quick and simple. I can now concentrate on what’s important: teaching the kiddos.

What are your interests?
I am a tech nerd I like playing around with all the new gadgets.  I also like to spend time in the mountains. Nature is a good stress release.