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As teachers, we share our knowledge of grammar with our students and enforce our tips and tricks to help build the skills of future writers or just future communicators. In a perfect world, our own writing would always be flawless and perfectly written without spelling or grammatical errors setting the perfect example for our students. However, there is just one tiny problem. We are human and we make mistakes.

There is nothing wrong with being human. Most of us teachers are and it is definitely 100% OK to forget when to put in a comma or to continue, throughout adulthood, to say, “B-E-A-U-tiful” in your head each time you need to spell the word. English can be tricky sometimes!

So now that we have established that we are human, we can accept help. The best help that I have found to keep Grammar flawless when writing texts online is from Grammarly. Grammarly is an extension that can be added to your browser. It will help you with your spelling and grammar when typing in text boxes online like in Facebook comments, in FeedbackPanda and in your Feedback submission window in the classroom. I even used it to write this post. Here is how it works and looks when using Grammarly with FeedbackPanda.

Grammarly Feedback


Grammarly will not only find your mistakes but it will suggest words that you may be aiming for or want to use instead. Like:

  1. Hovering over the text underlined in red and the suggested correction will appear
  2. To change the text, you just click on the word that you would like to use

It will also run a count of your mistakes in the bottom right corner of the text box. Right now there is a red 2 displayed meaning there are 2 mistakes spotted in the text.

FeedbackPanda Grammarly

Grammar Police

As you may have guessed from the name, Grammarly is an expert at not only correcting spelling but also grammar.Whether it is grammar, punctuation, or mechanics Grammarly has you covered. You can check the full range of services offered here. In the above example, a comma was left out. It can be added easily via the suggested revision box. This is accessible by hovering over the text underlined in red. Exactly the same as fixing the spelling mistake.

FeedbackPanda Grammarly

Green Means good to Go!

When the Grammarly icon in the bottom right corner is green, it means that your text is error free and ready to be submitted or saved. Hooray! It is great to have a quick proofreader in our browser.

FeedbackPanda Grammarly

Watch how Teacher Megan uses Grammarly to help her with Feedback.

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At FeedbackPanda, we aim for complete transparency so you know and understand our motivations, initiatives, and goals. We are an affiliate of Grammarly and will receive an affiliate commission for any use or purchase of Grammarly from this link. This does not take away from our intention to help you succeed as an educator. We only promote products that we truly believe align with our goals of relieving teachers of some tedious tasks so that they can connect with their students and provide the best learning environment. Hope this post was helpful! You can also take a look at