V.I.P.anda Recommended Reads

📚 Recommended Reads 📚 Are you looking for that next can't-put-it-down book? Look no further--a few V.I.P.andas gave us some great suggestions for these titles, some of which are available as audiobooks too. Krista Kate Goodwin The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up [...]

V.I.P.anda Tiffany Leslie

Tiffany Leslie This was my Christmas background!  I keep my pandas up all the time and just change the rest of the background to seasonal.  I love pandas!! (Can you tell?) Tiffany Leslie enjoys the "mom life" in Texas! After her morning VIPKid [...]

V.I.P.anda Cecelia Peterson

Cecelia Peterson Name: Cecelia Peterson Attribution Name (FeedbackPanda Cloud): Cecelia UK Location: Houston, TX Referral Link for VIPKid: Click here. Blog: My VIPKid Journey What companies do you teach for? VIPKid Do you have an outside job - related or unrelated [...]

V.I.P.anda Theresa Hemingway

Theresa Hemingway Theresa made the puppet herself! Theresa Hemingway loves her job so much that she considers it her hobby. She also enjoys spending time crafting props for her classes. We can all relate to Theresa--we too love online teaching so much that [...]

V.I.P.anda Janice Cook

Janice Cook Janice Cook's penguin is the focal point of many of her educational resources. Did you know that her husband is the master behind the artwork? Janice, along with her husband, loves making resources for other teachers to use in their online classes. She [...]

V.I.P.anda Lauren Snider

Lauren Snider Lauren Snider is one of VIPKid's most enthusiastic teachers. She found success as both a teacher and a mentor to new teachers. What is more amazing is the fact that her successes came soon after she was first hired. Lauren shares why [...]

V.I.P.anda Krista Kate Goodwin

Krista Kate Goodwin Krista Kate Goodwin graduated with a degree in business. After spending a lot of time working in unfulfilling jobs, she started teaching in a brick-and-mortar institution. Now, she works with VIPKid, which suits her family and lifestyle much better. This new opportunity [...]