Canceling Classes with VIPKid

Life can throw many things your way, and this is why VIPKid has arranged a number of ways teachers can cancel their booked classes. In this post, we’ll outline a few simple ways you can cancel with VIPKid without sacrificing future bookings.

How Should I Use Smart Sentences?

FeedbackPanda’s Smart Sentence feature makes things much easier for teachers. You can save time thinking about and writing feedback you repeat often, and even save snippets about planned time off, or asking for parent feedback. This post will clearly outline all the ways you should be using Smart Sentences to save time.

Feeling Guilty About Saying NO?

If you’re an online teacher and have ever felt horrible about saying no to a booking or to a student request, then you’ve arrived at the right post. Thinking of how you can balance your personal life and give your students the attention they need? By checking out this post you’ll learn how to do it gracefully, without the guilt.

Hidden Gems Series Part II: Saving Different Templates for the Same Course

Even if you only teach one or two courses, you'll have students with varying levels of proficiency. So, it only makes sense that you would have different feedback for each type of student. With FeedbackPanda, you can save a feedback template for each type of student to save time, while still delivering meaningful feedback to help your students learn and improve.