Standing While Teaching Online

The medical community often declares that sitting is the new “smoking” and that a sedentary lifestyle seems to be the cause for lots of health issues. So if you’re able, why not give standing while teaching online a try? 

Standing Desk

Here is the ideal standing posture that you should try to maintain while at your standing desk set-up.

Be sure that your webcam is at eye level

If you don’t already own a standing desk, there are desk converters that you can buy to give you the “boost” that you need. If you just need a small boost, consider using a plate rack. Yes, I’m talking about one of those coated wire racks that elevate plates in your cupboard. At first, I used a plate rack because it was the first thing I saw in my home that made sense—and then I quickly realized that it was the best option anywhere. Not only does it give me that “boost” but it also gives my laptop good circulation (unlike raising a laptop with textbooks would do).

ESL Online Classroom
ESL Online Classroom

Take care of your body!

Standing for hours on end can become exhausting, especially if it’s new for you. Consider a couple of small investments that will (hopefully) prevent some pain.

1) A squishy floor mat. I’ll admit that some days, a floor mat simply isn’t enough for me. So…again, using what I had laying around…I started standing on a memory foam pillow to teach. I’m not kidding. It feels like a cloud!

Online ESL Classroom

2) Compression socks. They’re not just for nurses anymore! Compression socks help your legs get better circulation so that you feel more energized—and they also help to prevent blood clots in your lower limbs. And the added bonus is: they may become a talking point in your classroom (if you can stretch that far!).

Space to Move

For me, I’ve found that being about an arm’s distance from the camera and ½ an arm’s distance from my background puts everything clearly into my student’s view. I get closer for times when I really want to emphasize pronunciation and back up when I need more space for TPR.

Online ESL Classroom

I hope you enjoy the freedom and health benefits that you come from using a standing desk. -Tina

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