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SayABC teachers save 2 hours each day when they use our templates to help write student feedback. With many helpful features, you can choose from over 1,000 templates, plus easily manage your students’ records & data.

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SayABC Feedback

Sign up for FeedbackPanda, and install the browser extension to get student and course information from your classroom.

SayABC Notes

Login to SayABC’s teaching portal, then choose the panda icon next to the class you’re writing feedback for. A “Create new Feedback” window with the pre-selected student and course will pop up.

SayABC Feedback Reports

Import and customize a template with the Cloud button and search. Submit your feedback by copying and pasting it from the FeedbackPanda app to SayABC’s portal.

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SayABC Feedback Requirements & How FeedbackPanda Can Help

SayABC requires its teachers to complete a minimum of 200 characters for after-class reports within 12 hours of class completion. This feedback needs to describe the class activities that took place. It also needs to reflect which students didn’t attend class, using the attendance prompt.

Feedback Panda can help you meet these requirements by streamlining the process for you. 

SayABC Report Template

Reusable Feedback Templates

SayABC Feedback Templates

It’s simple to maintain your own personal library of customizable feedback templates for every course. You’ll need to create feedback text just once — from there, it’s fast and easy to reuse them for new students in a particular course. They even autofill with your students’ names and gender pronouns, ready for you to customize with their class performance.

Course and Student Profiles

FeedbackPanda Course & Student Profiles

The ability to save individual profiles of your students, including their learning style, preferences, and photo, will help you connect with them and create a better learning experience. When you save course notes, you’ll be better prepared for all your classes. All profiles and notes can be easily searched from the dashboard or accessed from your classroom via the browser extension.


FeedbackPanda Cloud

It’s easy to access and use templates created by other SayABC teachers and save them to your library for use in your own classes. This makes working with the feedback templates super convenient and fast, since everything is saved in one spot.


SayABC Calendar

Celebrate your students and don’t miss an important birthday, holiday, or milestone by using the calendar feature. The notification bar on your dashboard displays reminders so you know what’s going on with your students each week.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do you have to submit class reports for SayABC?

You have 12 hours from each class completion to submit your class reports.

How much do SayABC teachers get paid?

Your SayABC pay will depend on if you’re teaching a Major class, Free Trial class, or Emergency class and ranges from US$13-$15 per 40-minute lesson and 5 minutes of prep time, plus incentives ranging from US$7-36 per unit, student conversion, or completed class.

What are the requirements to be a SayABC teacher?

  • A native level of English
  • A Bachelor’s degree or higher
  • A teaching certificate, such as TESOL, TEFL, or CELTA, a degree in education, or a state teaching license
  • A computer with video and audio capabilities
  • High-speed internet access with an ethernet connection

Do you still have to submit feedback if you have a student no-show?

Yes. If a student no-shows, select the “quit/student no-show” for that student when prompted in the SayABC class attendance. If no students show up at all, you’ll need to hit the “Fireman” button and wait until class is scheduled to finish.

How do you submit feedback on SayABC?

Submit feedback by copying and pasting it from the FeedbackPanda app to the SayABC portal. You can use the free FeedbackPanda browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox by selecting the “Create Feedback” button in each of your classrooms. When activated, each record is auto-filled for the classroom you’re working in. 

What hours do teachers work?

Hours will vary and are in Beijing Standard Time. The system assigns classes based on Homerooms, which are two classes of nine lessons, twice per week on either Monday and Thursday, Tuesday and Friday, Wednesday and Saturday, or Saturday and Sunday.

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