Online English Teaching Companies and China’s New Regulations

Online English Teaching Companies

On July 26, the Chinese Ministry of Education announced a new plan that will significantly impact the online English teaching world. The rationale behind it comes from a desire to lower competitive pressure on parents and students, decrease the cost of raising kids, and, ultimately, increase the Chinese birth rate. Of course, Chinese companies aren’t the only online English teaching companies, but they comprise a large part of the industry (and are generally top-payers), so many schools are on a hiring freeze or have shut down completely.

During all of this, many teachers have asked about FeedbackPanda and whether they can still use it at other schools. Rest assured, FeedbackPanda can integrate with any online or brick & mortar school. We are working tirelessly on new features and functionality to better serve you as you switch to new platforms and online English schools (more on that later)!

Use FeedbackPanda with any Online or Brick & Mortar School

If you’re making the switch from a Chinese ESL company to another organization, you can still use FeedbackPanda to create student feedback, reports, and assessments.

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What Do the New Regulations Mean for Online English Teaching?

At this point, the regulations are directed at schools that offer extra curriculum tutoring for core subjects – including English – in the Chinese public school system. The good news here is that many online companies teach English that mainly focus on speaking and not the core Chinese curriculum.

The Regulations So Far

As it stands, there’s a hiring ban on foreign teachers living overseas. As well, online lessons:

  • Are limited to 30 minutes each.
  • Must not begin after 9:00 pm Beijing time.
  • Are not permitted on weekends, school breaks, and holidays.

In addition, any tutoring or teaching not held under the public school system can’t include courses from overseas, and any company offering private teaching must register as a non-profit and won’t be permitted to advertise.

What You Can Do if You Teach English for a Chinese Company

online english teaching

First of all, keep in mind that while some companies have temporarily frozen their hiring or totally shut down, others haven’t and are optimistic that the new regulations won’t drastically impact them. 

Secondly, know that not every online English teaching company is based in China, so you do have other international options. But you probably still have concerns, understandably, so here are some ways to mitigate them:

  1. Find an additional teaching income source from a company that doesn’t teach Chinese students.
  2. Privately reach out to your students’ parents to try and continue to teach their kids outside of the company you currently teach for. Of course, use your best judgement with this – it would typically be against most policies but with companies shutting down, this could be alright.
  3. Keep in mind that Chinese companies with adult students won’t be affected by the new regulations. It’s best to check if your employer does this if you’re unsure. If not, consider your next move with one or more of these companies that are in the business of teaching English to students outside of China, teaching Chinese students who are adults, or both:

Use this handy guide to help find your next teaching opportunity!

How to Make the Move to a New Online Teaching Company

English Teaching Company

Here’s some key information and the steps you’ll need to take to transition to these online teaching companies:

All Right. Once you send in your application and go through All Right’s pre-screening questions, you’ll be asked to submit a 10-minute long recorded video interview. In this interview, you’ll talk about your background and experience as well as conduct a five-minute demo lesson with your own lesson plan and materials. From there, you’ll participate in All Right’s three-hour training course and attend a final onboarding meeting where your ID and qualifications are verified and you’ll make sure your technology works and your teaching profile is done.

Pay: Up to $12 per hour.
Schedule/hours: Minimum 15 hours a week during peak hours.

Profy. Profy’s application process is super easy and quick to go through. You simply create your profile, which includes an introduction video (that’s 30 seconds up to two minutes long), your photo, some basic personal information, and your availability to teach. Since Profy mainly works with adult students and these students choose their teacher based on their profile, you’ll want to put some extra effort into this to stand out.

Pay: $10 per hour plus a $20 bonus if students sign up after the free intro class.
Schedule/hours: You set your hours with no minimum required, but they recommend 10 per week for the most success.

Preply. To teach with Preply, you’ll need to create your tutor profile via their website. This will include a video introduction, profile photo, and hours availability once your profile is approved and verified in their system. At that time, when a student selects you as a suitable tutor they will pay for their first lesson. You’ll be notified and can then start messaging back and forth to clarify any lesson details.

Pay: You set your own rate with Preply. The company takes your entire first fee as commission, and from there it goes down depending on the number of hours you teach – the more you work, the less commission they take.
Schedule/hours: You set your own schedule.

Cambly and Cambly Kids. Unlike many other companies, Cambly and Cambly Kids do not require a demo class or face-to-face interview. Their application process is straightforward and fast, requiring you to create a profile, take an IT test to check your equipment and setup, and record an introductory video. If you’re looking to teach kids, you’ll specify this in your profile and tailor your video specifically to them.

Pay: $0.17 per minute ($10.20 per hour) with Cambly and $0.20 per minute ($12.00 per hour) with Cambly Kids.
Schedule/hours: Since Cambly’s students are located worldwide, you can teach at any time, with no minimum hours required.

Teachable. Teachable is a teaching platform that lets you create and upload your own online English classes and coaching sessions for students all over the world. You subscribe to create a sales page, host and deliver your content, process student enrollments and payments and even get help with your taxes and finances as a teacher.

Pay: You set your own rate, but keep in mind you are paying to subscribe to the platform. Teachable recommends a rate of at least $100 per course and they collect a commission.
Schedule/hours: You set your own schedule.

Outschool. To teach with Outschool, just fill out their brief online application form and record a short video to introduce yourself. The video should cover your areas of expertise and teaching experience. Once you’ve passed this stage, you’ll be invited to complete a background check and, after successful completion of that, attend an optional call with a current teaching to get to know the platform. Otherwise, you’re free to get started and offer classes.

Pay: You set your rate; pay is based on registration numbers and Outschool takes a commission.
Schedule/hours: You set your schedule; no minimum hours required.

Edusity. You can apply to Edusity using the application form on their website and registering as a teacher. You’ll create your profile and, once approved, you’ll receive the resources needed to create and promote your English classes.

Pay: You set your rate; pay is based on registration numbers and Edusity takes a commission.
Schedule/hours: You set your schedule; demand impacts available times; no minimum hours required.

Each one of these companies offers its own unique benefits to teachers, but regardless of which online school you choose to teach English for, they all have something in common – the need to provide student feedback. Sometimes, these feedback requirements can be cumbersome and time-consuming. But even if they’re minimal, it’s always helpful to save time and effort!

Good news, with FeedbackPanda, teachers at these schools can save two hours every day when they use our student feedback templates, from over 1,000 choices. You’ll enjoy tons of helpful features and the ability to easily manage student data and records.

Maintaining your own customizable feedback template library for all of your courses is such an efficient use of your time because you only need to write your feedback text once and simply reuse and update it for additional students and courses. What’s better is the autofill feature saves you even more time by populating your students’ names and gender pronouns for you – you just need to enter their class performance details.

How to Use FeedbackPanda with any Online or Brick & Mortar School

online english teaching feedbackpanda

You may not be aware, but FeedbackPanda has the ability to work for any online English teaching companies like those listed above – not just the companies you may have been working for up to now.

It’s easy for any teacher coming from either a non-integrated (custom) online school or a brick & mortar school to get started with FeedbackPanda on their desktop. Within the program:

  1. Add your custom or brick & mortar school by hovering over the school name and selecting “Create New School”.
  2. From the menu, choose “Custom School” or “Brick & Mortar School”.
  3. Type in your school’s name and select the “Create this School” button. Check out the intro video & tutorial, then confirm your email address to access videos and begin.
  4. Add your students by hovering over the school’s name and selecting “Students”.
  5. Select “Add Student” on the Students page. Enter their information.
  6. Add courses by hovering over the school’s name and selecting “Courses” then “Add Course”, and enter the course name.
  7. Create your templates by hovering over the school’s name, then selecting “Templates” and “Add Template”.
  8. Choose your course from the menu. From here, enter a template name and select the number of stars to rate your student’s performance.
  9. To create feedback, hover over the school name and select “Feedback”, then “New Feedback”.
  10. Hover over “Student” to add one or choose an existing student. Do the same for “Course”.
  11. Use a single template for that course, create a new one, or select “Change” to choose from more than one.
  12. Select “Copy Feedback” and paste it where you need it, then update as needed.
  13. Add any optional teacher’s notes or reward system (only visible to you), then select “Save & Close”.

You can also check out more details on these steps including images and a help video.

By following this process, it’s simple to use FeedbackPanda on your desktop along with the features you’ve come to know and love, like:

  • Cloud Feedback Template and Resource Sharing. Unique to FeedbackPanda is its Cloud. With this feature, you can join a community of thousands of English teachers to share your best feedback templates with one another – there are over 100,000 to choose from! Save the most helpful ones for you in your own library to work with them quickly and easily.
  • Course and Student Profiles. A great way to connect with your students and offer a meaningful learning experience is through individual profiles of them containing their preferences, learning style, and photo. You can also save course notes to prepare for all of your classes. All notes and profiles are easily searchable from the dashboard or through your classroom’s browser extension.
  • Class Calendar. With FeedbackPanda’s class calendar, you can celebrate your students throughout the year and never miss a birthday, milestone, or holiday. You’ll get convenient notifications on your dashboard with important weekly reminders.

No matter what happens, if you choose to sign up with these online English teaching companies or you end up sticking with your current company, FeedbackPanda is always a great tool to help you with your student feedback.

Use FeedbackPanda with all Online English Teaching Companies

If you’re making the switch from a Chinese ESL company to another organization, you can still use FeedbackPanda to create student feedback, reports, and assessments.

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