Meet Dragoș,
FeedbackPanda’s New Developer!

Maintaining an SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) is no small feat, but we looked all over the world for the best. Luckily, we found him, and his name is Dragoș. He has already been hard at work, keeping our app pristine while building some new features. We are really excited, so we couldn’t wait to tell you all about him. We hope you enjoy our little interview!

Where do you live?
Bucharest, Romania

What do you do for FeedbackPanda?
I’m a Senior Software Engineer and my job is to make sure that our users can use FBP without any issues. I also write code for new features.

What do you like to do when you’re not working?
Every other day of the week I’m in the dojo practicing and teaching Kyokushin karate. I started martial arts about twenty years ago, had a long pause for about seventeen years, and then got back into it about four years ago. In January 2019, I opened my own dojo. Besides martial arts I love playing games on my PS4 and work on side projects.

What is your favorite place/city/landmark to go to in Romania?
Romania is a very beautiful country and I love both the sea and mountains. Therefore, I have two cities that I love to go: Constanta (seaside) and Brasov (mountains).

What city is the best for first-time travelers to Romania?
Have I told you that Romania is a beautiful country? 😁 If you like the noise of a big city and parties then Bucharest is the place to go. Constanța is for sea lovers. Brașov and Sibiu should be your target if you like mountains. Sighișoara, if you love history and Cluj for its beautiful landscapes.

Where did you learn English?
At home, watching movies and cartoons and then at school (I learned French and English but only the last one stuck to me).

Is internet speed generally above average in Romania?
I think in a recent study Romania was in the top ten countries with the best internet connection.

What numbers can we expect with download, upload, and ping in a well-populated city?
I have fiber directly to my home–so ping is 5ms, download speed at 900Mbps and upload at 800Mbps.

What is a traditional/typical Romanian meal?
Cabbage rolls (cabbage with meat) and polenta with cheese and sour cream

What is your favorite holiday in Romania? Tell us a little bit about this holiday in Romanian culture.
Christmas 😊. It’s not different from any other country–we decorate the Christmas tree and we wait for Santa to place the gifts under it. The difference is in the carols, being an Orthodox country most of the carols are about celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ (25 December).

Why do you like working for FeedbackPanda?
I like to work for FBP because I feel that what I do helps our teachers be great at what they do by making their lives easier through our product.