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How iTutorGroup + FeedbackPanda Templates Work Together

Create iTutorGroup Progress Reports faster than ever before. By installing our browser extension, FeedbackPanda and iTutorGroup become connected so you can automatically import all of your student and class information directly from your teaching portal with the click of a button. Then, you can access hundreds of iTutorGroup feedback templates and keep track of all your progress reports for each student in one place. We currently offer our Browser Extension for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge.

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Student Profile and Progress Reports Generated for iTutorGroup in One Click

Once you install our browser extension, FeedbackPanda and iTutorGroup are officially connected. From then on, you’ll notice Panda icons inside your iTutorGroup teaching portal that sit next to each previously-taught course. So, when it comes time to complete a progress report, you’ll click on the panda icon next to the course you want to give feedback for. This will automatically open FeedbackPanda in a new tab and import the student and course information.

From here, you can access hundreds of feedback templates written by other iTtutorGroup teachers who have taught the same classes you have. You can import whichever one you want, make a few customizations to make it your own, and copy and paste it into the feedback form in your teaching portal. You can also write your feedback from scratch and save it as a template to use again later or share with other iTutorGroup teachers.

iTutorGroup Teachers Share Feedback Templates on the FeedbackPandaCloud

Once you signup for FeedbackPanda, you get access to thousands of templates teachers have created and shared. All of these templates are housed on the FeedbackPanda Cloud. Many of our iTutorGroup teachers work with other ESL schools like VIPKid and GoGoKid – you’ll get full access to all of those templates, too! Currently, our teachers have imported templates from the Cloud almost one million times.

FeedbackPanda for ITutorGroup

Learn more about how FeedbackPanda can help you save time with iTutorGroup progress reports and feedback templates.


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How iTutorGroup Progress Reports Work

iTutorGroup teachers are required to submit feedback to students in the form of a progress report after each class. Teachers are given one day to complete progress reports and submit them, but if you teach multiple courses in a day, it can become very time consuming and repetitive. Not to mention, each progress report needs to be unique and constructive; after all, progress reports are one of the best ways to maintain bookings and build positive relationships with students.

There are two parts to iTutorGroup progress reports:

  • Session Reports – This is where you will identify how the technology, slides, and overall course material went during class. It’s not your student feedback, just a way for the school to know if anything can be improved on their end.
  • Customer Progress Report – This is your student feedback. You’ll fill out a performance rating (highly recommended that you keep it as positive as possible). You can also mark whether the student was on time, late, or missed class. And finally, your written feedback. There is an open text field that all teachers are required to fill out before submitting their progress reports. Teachers often say this is the section that takes the most time and effort, which is where FeedbackPanda comes in. The templates you use on FeedbackPanda are created specifically for that open text field, so all you have to do is choose which one you want, make your personalizations, copy and paste it, and submit!
FeedBackPanda Announcement

I LOVE FEEDBACK PANDA!! It lets you know if you’ve taught a student before!!!! (As long as you have the feedback for them saved). I am on day 7 of the free trial and have already purchased the $10/month package

April Cochran, ESL Teacher

I can’t say enough amazing things about Feedback Panda! It has cut my feedback time down from over 10 minutes to 1 and even less than 1! You can customize and change your templates as often or however you chose. Your students are saved each time you create feedback for them so you can easily track who you’ve seen and when. LOVE THIS PROGRAM!

Donnetta M Jaye, ESL Teacher

It dramatically helped the efficiency of my work, and also, to keep my students’ profiles organized. It is AMAZING. I could not be more grateful than that. Thank you so much for inventing a version especially for VIPKID. I’m immensely grateful!

Lyra Su, ESL Teacher

When I think about how much time Feedback Panda saves me each day, I am amazed that not all teachers use it. It is a lifesaver! The creators are super responsive and helpful, too. THANK YOU!!!

Kristina Garcia, ESL Teacher

Feedback Panda is best bang (bang da) for your buck!

Sandra Partin, ESL Teacher

Feedback Panda is very easy to use and navigate. I feel organized and I’m working smarter and more efficiently. I’m sorry I didn’t start using Feedback Panda 200 classes ago, but it’s never too late to start! 5 stars for Feedback Panda! They just added the feedback cloud which gives you access to a TON of pre-written feedback that you can edit. Saves me even more time!!!! I finished my feedback in record time today. Thank you Feedback Panda!

Nichole Meier Churchill, ESL Teacher

FeedbackPanda is so amazingly helpful. It really has taken the stress out of doing feedback. I feel so much more organized, and I really like being able to go back and read all of my feedback for a particular student.

Samara Dean, ESL Teacher

Oh my goodness. I am so excited. I just entered today’s classes even though I already wrote feedback by hand. SO NICE!!! This is amazing!

Lisa Mellon Wagner, ESL Teacher

I just started using it today and it saved me so much time on my feedback!

Tara Crain, ESL Teacher

Common Questions

How much does iTutorGroup pay?

iTutorGroup pays around $20/hour, depending on your experience. There are opportunities to make more money with incentives and bonuses.

What are iTutorGroup’s peak hours?

iTutorGroup peak hours include 7:30-8:30pm Monday-Saturday; 9:30-10:30am on Saturday, 12:30-1:30pm on Saturday, and all hours on Sunday. iTutorGroup teachers are required to teach at least 5 peak hours per week.

Is iTutorGroup legit?

Yes, iTutorGroup is a legit online ESL company that hires experienced, professional teachers. Once hired, you will go through a demo and orientation to get acquainted with the school.

What are iTutorGroup’s teaching requirements?

iTutorGroup requires their teachers to have a Bachelor’s degree and ESL certificate to get hired. Once you get hired, you will have to work 5 peak hours per week.

What is the iTutorGroup interview process like?

After applying online, someone from iTutorGroup will reach out to you to set up an interview. They will ask you questions about your experience as a teacher and why you want to be an iTutor teacher. If they decide to hire you, you’ll receive a contract and start soon after.

How do I get students to leave feedback on iTutorGroup?

To get students to rate you on iTutorGroup, leave them a message in their student progress report, saying something like “if you liked this class, please rate this lesson and add me to your favorites. This increases the chance of us having class together in the future.”

Here’s how to create iTutorGroup progress reports in minutes…

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