How Feedback Panda Saved Me Time and Money

How Feedback Panda Saved Me Time and Money

I’m a firm believer in the adage “time is money”, but clichés don’t describe the incredible benefits that Feedback Panda has to offer with a very reasonable price tag. Not only did I save money, but I created the potential to make even more. I also increased my free time to do the things I enjoyed, none of which included sitting at a computer typing out lengthy feedback without extra pay. So here’s how Feedback Panda saved me time and money.

Save Time, Increase Quality

I finish a substantial number of classes, but I’m nowhere near the top in terms of monthly volume. For the record, I teach on average about 6 classes per day, back to back. A few months out of the year, I will bring this up to ten or twelve per day. For each class, I spent approximately 10 minutes filling out feedback–bringing the daily total to roughly one to two hours. That’s an extraordinary amount of time to spend when you’re not getting paid extra.

With Feedback Panda, my student reporting time literally was decreased by 90%. Did my feedback quality decrease? Not a bit. With the ample amount of data in the FBP cloud, I was able to use the templates provided by countless other teachers. I’ve found a favorite teacher whose writing style mimics my own, and I use his template whenever I see he has one available for that particular lesson. The quality of my feedback has increased because I am spending less time on the mundane details. That leaves me with simply writing personalized details with my favorite anecdotes from each lesson.

Feedback Panda Saved Me Time and Money

The Veteran Teacher

Many online ESL teachers have created their own templates, adding to them bit by bit with each new class they teach. Even these highly organized teachers will find that FBP is a boon to them. FBP automatically inserts your student’s name throughout the given template and changes the pronouns to match the gender. Even if you have your own template, you most likely have to manually change the name and gender of your particular student. This can be time-consuming, as well as facilitating errors in the feedback. With FBP, you’ll no longer get the students mixed up–using Albert’s name in Lily’s feedback!

Another service from FBP is the ability to see the complete details on every student. All classes are saved, and the progress can be viewed, no matter how far back the class took place. You can easily input details such as their personality traits and interests. You no longer have to keep track of this data on spreadsheets that you’ve been managing on your own. With the new app you can download from the App Store, you are no longer chained to your desk. You can fill out quality feedback from the comfort of your favorite armchair or while waiting in line at the grocery store.

More Personal Time

It is not a stretch to say that the quality of my life has also increased. Because I am spending less than 10 minutes to write feedback for six to ten classes, I don’t have to delay appointments with:

  • Friends
  • Family
  • Professionals

I’m able to use those one or two extra hours to take my dog to the beach or have lunch with my grandma. Having more personal time and freedom is an intangible benefit until you realize how much enjoyment you’ve been missing because of extra work!

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