Hidden Gems Series Part II:

Saving Different Templates for the Same Course

You can store multiple templates for the same course! “Why would I do this?” you ask. You will have students at varying levels of proficiency. So, it only makes sense that you would have different feedbacks for each type of student. FeedbackPanda, as a complete student management tool, stores multiple templates for you under one course. We’ll show you how it’s done.

Let’s say you have a template saved, but it’s not the one you want for this particular student. Maybe he struggled with the lesson, or maybe he completely surpassed your expectations. You’ll have many students who perform differently in the same course, so it only makes sense to create different templates for each level of performance. Under the Template section, you’ll click New (if you like to make your own templates) or Cloud (if you like to use shared templates). 

After you choose, you’ll revise your template as you normally would. It’s important to give your template a unique name, as later on you’ll need some way to identify multiple templates under one course. Some other tips when creating your templates–make sure you type [name] so that the software detects where it needs to autofill the name. Delete the signature of the teacher who created the template. Check the grammar and spelling of any template (yours or in the cloud) using Grammarly or something similar. Don’t forget to generate both male and female templates so that the correct pronouns are changed for each student.

Now, when you import the new template, you’ll see it is saved here. Clicking on this will generate another window, where you’ll see the templates you can choose from.

Once the next window pops up, you’ll see the different templates you’ve carefully named for this purpose. Clicking on the arrow to the far left will show the rest of the information. This is where you can delete the information too. 

If you need to make changes to the template, you must go back to the Edit button in your student’s feedback window.

This is just one more way that FeedbackPanda consolidates your information. Let’s look at the course listings. When you check the for the course information, you will also see the templates there. So, you have different ways you can find the same set of information. How neat is that?

There are so many ways that FeedbackPanda makes your teaching life easier. We’re so much more than feedback. We are a complete organizational tool designed with teachers in mind. If you want to know more ways, join us for our Zoom meetings, held on every other Wednesday at 11:00 a.m. ET! We hope to see you there.