Hidden Gems Series Part I:
Inserting Links

We are online teachers in the digital age. It just makes sense that most of our resources would be digital too! With the highly collaborative Google Drive and other online resources such as Teachers Pay Teachers, grabbing your daily lesson materials has never been easier! And…guess what? FBPanda makes it easier to prep by allowing you to type links into the course description and student description.

When you click on the panda in your classrooms tab, the student feedback window pops up in your FBPanda account. Let’s say Henry only likes digital ice cream rewards. You can paste that digital link, say from your Google Drive, in Henry’s description. Whenever you teach Henry in the future, that link to his favorite rewards system will pop up, making it easier to prepare for the lesson.

Additionally, you can change the course description. There are a couple of places to change the course description. One place is on your dashboard, in the Course box. The other place is to change the course description directly from the student feedback window that pops up when you click the panda for from your classrooms tab in your teaching portal. 

When you alter the course description, you don’t have to worry about doing it again! Those changes can be seen any time you teach that same course to any student! That’s how FBPanda makes your life easier by helping you to prep efficiently.

You can include as many links as you’d like in the course description. To make it easier on yourself, type a label for each link, so that you remember where that link goes to. In my examples, I typed out “rewards” and “lesson plan” for each link.

Lastly, be assured that the links you type into your student and course descriptions remain private. These are for your records only. The one circumstance a link would not be private is if you chose to include a link in your template, and then shared the template in the FBPanda cloud.

This is one of the many ways that FeedbackPanda is a client management tool. It keeps all of your student, course, and school data in one place. You don’t have to hunt around SlideKick, Google Drive, your VIPKid/GoGoKid Portal, or mobile devices for your teaching needs. FeedbackPanda consolidates the data for you so that you can recall it at a click of a button.