8 Must-Try Google Classroom Tech Tools for Teachers

google classroom tech tools for teachers

If you’re a teacher, then you know how important it is to have the right tools in your classroom. Technology can help make your job easier and more efficient, and that’s why we’ve put together this list of Google Classroom tech tools for teachers. From apps and extensions to productivity tips, we’ve got you covered!

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Why Tech Tools are So Helpful for Google Classroom Teachers

If you’ve never used tech tools in your classroom, you’re not overly tech-savvy or tech simply hasn’t been on your radar when teaching, you’re missing out. But the good news is it’s never too late to adopt new tools and ways of working. Here are just a few reasons why tech in the classroom – specifically Google Classroom tech tools for teachers – can be a game-changer.

Saves you time by boosting your efficiency and productivity

When you implement tech in your Google Classroom, your job becomes infinitely easier and even quicker. This is because the tools are designed to make you more productive and get more done in the same amount of time you otherwise had. You get to better your teaching methods, make learning more tailored to each student, broaden their learning opportunities and strengthen their engagement. An example of this is with a tool like FeedbackPanda, which streamlines and automates your student feedback process.

Improves student performance

Tech in the classroom provides a platform for accelerated teaching, easy to access information, and learnings to be practiced. It lets your students discover new topics and subjects and improve their understanding of complex ideas. Plus, they’ll get hands-on experience with tech products to prepare them for real-world jobs and careers.

Increases communication and collaboration – anytime, anywhere

Besides engaging and connecting with your students in class, tech also allows students to interact and communicate among themselves. This encourages them to collaborate and brainstorm. They can solve problems through educational games and online lessons by supporting each other and sharing ideas. Plus, tech facilitates individual discussion or interaction between you and each student. It can create a safe space for them to request help or ask questions that they don’t feel comfortable saying aloud to the group. Finally, tech makes it easy for students to upload assignments they’re working on at home. You can then access and view them on your device, from wherever you are.

Allows opportunity for personalized and engaged learning

When you use tech tools in your classroom, you can customize learning plans to each student’s strengths and interests, as you see fit. And, students are free to take information in and learn at a pace that works for them. For example, they can review recorded video lessons and pause when they feel the need. As well, tech tools help you deliver engaging educational content that can pique a curiosity in your students and encourage them to be creative and think outside the box. For instance, students can include a video upload with a quick intro or explainer when submitting their assignments.

As a tech optimist, I believe productivity woes can be solved through cleverly imagined and implemented technology.

Caroline Ghosn

Try FeedbackPanda, the Top Google Classroom Tech Tool for Busy Teachers

Creating fast Google Classroom feedback is easy with FeedbackPanda.

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Top 8 Google Classroom Tech Tools to Make Your Life Easier

Check out these super helpful tech tools that will save you time and effort as a Google Classroom teacher.

1. FeedbackPanda

feedback panda

FeedbackPanda is the top resource for student feedback and report card comments. The easy-to-use tool saves teachers hours a day by allowing you to create, store, borrow, and share feedback templates. FeedbackPanda also integrates directly with Google Classroom to make managing your classes even easier.

FeedbackPanda’s Features

Get access to 900+ Smart Comments

FeedbackPanda’s Smart Comments give teachers instant access to hundreds of standard positive and negative comments, organized by category and title. Using them makes your feedback creation process quick and easy – no more typing in each comment manually for every student, every time. Smart comments are handy for many things, like adding a personal greeting to your template, mentioning a job done well, or addressing behavioral or technical issues.

Make feedback, report and comment templates to repurpose again and again

You can create your own library of feedback, report, and comment templates for every lesson, ready to personalize as the need arises. The great thing is you only need to write your texts once and from there, re-use them for different lessons and students in just one click. When your students’ names and pronouns are populated, you can go ahead and customize the rest for their class performance.

Save time with Google Classroom integration

The tool’s Google Classroom integration allows you to connect your Google Classroom accounts to FeedbackPanda. This means your student information and class rosters are automatically kept up-to-date in the app – no extra time or effort required on your end.

Automatically sync records across all your devices

With FeedbackPanda, it’s so easy to keep everything organized and synced across your desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. You can:

  • Create feedback and prep for classes from wherever you are in the world, so you’ll never miss a deadline.
  • Finish up notes from the day’s lessons and get organized for tomorrow.
  • Use talk-to-text to quickly add customizations and notes or look up lesson, student, course and feedback records to prepare you for future classes.

Use course and student profiles to your advantage

You’ll stay organized with all of your lesson notes and records in one place, easily retrievable for a quick reminder before your next class. And, since records can include student profiles with their photo, learning style and other preferences, they can really aid in building that teacher-student connection. Every record is conveniently accessible in a single click from your classroom through the browser extension or a quick dashboard search.

Never forget a thing with calendar reminders

FeedbackPanda’s calendar helps you keep up-to-date on all things happening with your students. You’ll never miss a birthday, holiday or important milestone with calendar reminders from your dashboard’s notification bar, so you can celebrate your students all year long.

Pricing: Free 14-day trial, then $15/month or $150/year
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FeedbackPanda is Your Top Google Classroom Tech Tool

It’s so simple to create Google Classroom feedback quickly with FeedbackPanda.

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2. CK-12

ck 12

CK-12 is a tool, or digital textbook of sorts, with tons of helpful reference content to use in your classroom, such as in math, social studies and science. This tool allows you to foster a more tailored learning experience, personalized to each student, than a typical website or textbook would. This is because you can customize this content to work for small groups or individual students by creating “classes” and issuing assignments appropriate to each group’s or individual’s learning profiles and preferences.

There are also CK-12 multimedia resources like interactive simulations and videos. And, you’re able to access reports that tell you which practice tasks were completed and answered incorrectly, along with those answers. This information is invaluable in tailoring your future lesson plans to help students where they need it most.

Through the CK-12 teacher dashboard, you can:

  • Assign content to your students either via Google Classroom or a link. You can also import your students’ information from Google Classroom.
  • Monitor your students’ progress on quizzes.
  • Assign activities that change in complexity and difficulty as students provide the right answers.

Pricing: Free
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3. Pear Deck

pear deck

Pear Deck is an interactive tool for delivering lessons and presentations that integrates with Google Slides through Google Classroom. You simply invite your students to join your sessions with a code. Then, they can follow along with your presentation on a live classroom screen. If you subscribe to the Premium plan, you can give your students access to decks tailored to their pace and tailor your students’ experience (for instance, by locking presentations from student edits).

Pear Deck lets you:

  • Enhance presentations with audio, enable immersive reader (beta), and add closed captioning to accommodate various learning needs and preferences.
  • Stop at points throughout the deck where you have different question types (like dragging, text, drawing, multiple choice and numeric).
  • Immediately view students’ responses to these questions, either individually or through a grid view, and anonymously share the results for everyone to see on-screen.
  • Have students make flash cards, play games, review and respond to daily news articles, and practice digital citizenship in a responsible way.
  • Benefit from handy integrations with Merriam-Webster, Gimkit and Newsela.

Pricing: Free (basic plan), $149.99/year (individual premium plan), custom pricing (schools & districts)
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4. Classwork Zoom

classwork zoom

If you’ve ever gone through the revision history in Google Docs, you know how cumbersome and time-consuming it can be to find what you need from all of the information and iterations – especially when it comes to each assignment for every single student. To avoid that needle-in-a-haystack overwhelm, you can try the Classwork Zoom extension for Chrome.

The tool takes all of that revision history information and presents them in a neat visualization timeline format, which also includes a hover view of comments, suggestions and pasted text. This makes it so much simpler and quicker to comprehend and use the information to make decisions in planning, content, assignments and other decisions for your classes. The best part is you can use it for an entire set of class documents at once, not just a single student’s.

Pricing: Free
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5. Explain Everything

explain everything

Explain Everything is a leading platform that helps teachers engage their students to encourage more effective learning. With this tool, it’s easy to make and digitize your materials for both live presentations and video. You can record tutorials and create interactive assignments and presentations. Through a virtual whiteboard, the tool helps with explaining and illustrating concepts, letting your students’ creativity come alive through various content formats.

Pricing: Free (single user), $34.99 per user/year (teacher plan), $130 per teacher + 30 students/year (class & school)
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6. Quizizz


Quizizz is a handy tool you can use to automatically assign quizzes through Google Classroom. Your students complete them from their device and you get instant, automatic feedback, making it quick and easy to deliver marks without spending time doing the grading yourself.

The tool makes introducing ideas or concepts and understanding student comprehension easy, and it provides quick insight to your students’ progress and weak points. You’ll know what’s working and what needs improvement right away – whether you’re looking at metrics like students, questions or classes. Plus, you can save and access reports for quick insights at any point.

Pricing: free to join; contact Quizizz for more information
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7. Fanschool


Fanschool is a private, secure digital platform for students to publish and share their writing with their classmates and parents and offer support and feedback to one another. The tool also supports images and videos, for multimedia experiences. How it works is students connect to several spaces and become “fans” of other Fanschool users (worldwide).

Fanschool is also great for you to share students’ work with their parents throughout the year. And, since it’s a controlled environment, the tool offers a great opportunity to educate your class about online safety and privacy. While you control privacy settings within the broader classroom, your students have control over each of their posts and who they’re connected with on Fanschool.

Pricing: Free to try; contact Fanschool for more information
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8. Actively Learn

actively learn

Actively Learn is a digital curriculum in science, English language arts and social studies that uses deep learning to encourage student equity and engagement. It helps students connect with one another over reading and gives you helpful clues into how they think. The tool comes with flexible features and resources that empower you as a teacher to take your students’ understanding to the next level.

With the tool, students can annotate, highlight and discuss readings, and you can assign them to individual learners or groups. There are over 3,000 free texts to choose from which are categorized into units, genre, them and news. You can also filter by standard, grade and Lexile level. Even better, you can upload your own texts from online media or your own sources. And the paid subscription gives you access to copyrighted texts, including books.

Pricing: Some functions are free; contact Actively Learn for information on paid subscriptions
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tech tools for Google Classroom

You should now feel ready to tackle your next Google Classroom lesson with a helpful tech tool or two to help. Whether you’re looking for ways to save time on feedback, a tool for new curriculum, a place to share content or nearly anything else, these tools will add value and fun to your classes and create more engagement and connection between you and your students.

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