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FeedbackPanda connects directly to Google Classroom and syncs with your classes and student rosters. Create and share your student feedback templates with others in your school or district. Use feedback templates from others in your professional learning community.

Google Classroom Assignment Feedback

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How to Create, Save, and Share Student Comments & Feedback with Google Classroom

Google Classroom Private Comments

Private Comments

Google Classroom Private Comments with Students

Google Classroom’s  Private Comments feature is the perfect way to provide ongoing feedback to students on their assignments. Whether you want to discuss an assignment, a student’s performance in class, or simply checkin, private comments can be used to post feedback, comments, and questions directly to individual students. With FeedbackPanda templates, you can streamline the process so you don’t have to come up with new comments each and every time you want to provide feedback to your students.

Grading Tool

Google Classroom Grading Tool

If students are completing work in Google Drive (Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc.), you can use Google Classroom’s Grading Tool to leave feedback and comments directly on the assignment, which is helpful in praising and or correcting specific parts/sections of an assignment. While this type of feedback is not required, it can be helpful for students as they work on completing or revising their assignments. With FeedbackPanda, you can browse other teachers’ feedback comments, customize them, and share them as your own with the Grading Tool.

Guardian Summaries

Google Classroom Guardian Summaries

Google Classroom guardian summaries are emails that go out to a student’s parent or guardian either daily or weekly. The emails include helpful information on any work a student has missed, work that’s coming up soon, and any class activities of note. However, if you’d like to provide continuous feedback to parents, you can send email summaries as often as you’d like through Google Classroom, which is the perfect opportunity to use FeedbackPanda templates to create engaging, helpful parent communication.

FeedbackPanda Features & Benefits for Google Classroom

Guardian Email Summaries

Reusable Google Classroom Feedback & Comment Templates

google classroom templates

It’s so simple to build and keep your own library of customizable guardian summary and student feedback templates for each of your courses. You just need to create and share your student feedback templates once with others in your school or district. From there, you can reuse them for new students in a snap. The templates even autofill with personal information like names and gender pronouns, saving you time so you can be productive with more important things.

Student and Class Profiles

profiles for google classroom

With FeedbackPanda, you can create and save profiles of each student’s preferences, learning styles, and photos. Doing this will help you personally connect with them and offer a more meaningful and impactful learning experience. Plus, saving course notes will help you better prepare for all of your classes. It’s so easy to search all notes and profiles from the dashboard or access them from Google Classroom using the browser extension.

FeedbackPanda & Google Classroom Cloud Integration

google classroom cloud

FeedbackPanda connects directly to Google Classroom and syncs with your classes and student rosters. In the FeedbackPandaCloud, you can access and use templates created by others in your Google Classroom professional learning community and save them to your own library to use in your classes. Then, it’s simple and convenient to update the guardian summary or feedback templates with everything in one spot.

Student Calendar

google classroom calendar

Never forget an important milestone, birthday, or holiday again with FeedbackPanda’s calendar. This feature makes it easy to keep up with your students’ lives and celebrate them. Every week, you’ll get event reminders through your dashboard’s notification bar so you won’t miss a thing.

Using Ongoing Formative Feedback to Develop Your Report Card Comments

formative feedback report cards

Whether you choose to provide Google Classroom feedback via private comments, the Grading Tool, or guardian summaries, ongoing formative feedback in report cards is a critical aspect of assessing your students. This is because it acts as a guide, letting students (and their parents)  know what their next steps are. If a student is struggling, it not only stimulates their thinking but focuses them on where to spend more time and ask questions. But even if a student is doing everything right and you want to see more of that ahead, they need to know. Plus, the benefit to you is you have a guide on how to plan for future lessons and where to put more emphasis. When you’re preparing feedback and report card comments, FeedbackPanda can save you time and make the process a breeze.

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Google Classroom Frequently Asked Questions

What is Google Classroom?

Google Classroom is a digital learning platform for schools that makes creating, distributing, and grading assignments simpler by streamlining the file-sharing process. You can create classes and assignments and accept, mark, and return student submissions.

How much does Google Classroom cost to use?

Google Classroom is free to use, but there is a paid subscription option coming soon with more features.

What are guardian summaries?

Guardian summaries are emails that a student’s parent or guardian can opt-in to receive either daily or weekly. They contain information about work a student has missed, what’s coming up soon, and any key class activities.

What are private comments on Google Classroom?

Private comments are a way for a teacher and student to interact about assignments. Teachers can provide students with comments to help give them feedback and direction on their work and performance in class.

What is the Google Classroom Grading Tool?

The Grading Tool on Google Classroom allows teachers to leave feedback comments directly on student assignments that live on Google Drive, like Docs, Slides, and Sheets.

How do FeedbackPanda and Google Classroom work together?

FeedbackPanda connects directly to Google Classroom and syncs with your classes and student rosters, so you can create and share your student feedback templates with others in your school or district.

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