Google Classroom Certification: What You Need to Succeed

Google Classroom Certification

Certifications in education are a common way to back up your experience, expertise, and worth. They can help you stand out from the competition or be recognized in your career, plus they indicate that you’re committed to and focused on building your abilities as an effective educator.

Learn everything you need to know about the Google Classroom Certification here.

We’ll go over your different certification options, why you would want to get certified, how to go about preparing and taking the exams, and more.

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About Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a digital learning platform for schools that effectively streamlines the file-sharing process. Learning tools can be brought together centrally to help teachers and educators manage, track, and enhance their students’ educational experiences. With Google Classroom, you can also create, manage, and grade digital assignments and resources for your students. It’s free to use Google Classroom if you have a personal Google account or are working with an organization that uses Google Workspace for Education or Google Workspace for nonprofits. Typically, students and teachers access Google Classroom through a Google account that their school provides.

Curious about Google Classroom’s features and how they can benefit you? Learn more, below.

Google Classroom Features and Benefits

There are many benefits you’ll realize through Google Classroom when you pick from and activate various features in your classes, such as the following.

Managing your assignments and feedback quickly and effectively

In Google Classroom, you can create, send, and receive automatically graded assessments or post discussion questions to get a quick idea of where your students are at and how they’re thinking about assignments or other things. The grading tool streamlines the marking process and allows you to leave comments throughout a student’s assignment for easy reference. And, it’s simple to prepare feedback like guardian summaries. These are emails going out regularly to your students’ parents and guardians with information on any missed work, assignments that are coming up soon, and key class activities and announcements.

When grading assignments and offering student feedback, it’s easy to:

  • Instantly move from working with a particular class, assignment, or student.
  • Track your students’ progress and export their grades to your school’s student information system.
  • Be consistent and transparent in your marking with rubrics that appear beside your students’ work.
  • Learn of your students’ performance, feedback, assignments, and deadlines instantly through notifications.

Now, if you’re concerned about how much work you’ll have with the grading tool to mark assignments and create report card comments, or drafting guardian summaries, and student feedback, don’t worry. You’ll save time by easily integrating Google Classroom with third-party assessment tools like FeedbackPanda. With FeedbackPanda, you simply create feedback templates once and repurpose them for each student and class. This saves you a ton of time and effort for each discussion board, formative assessment, report card comment, or guardian summary.

Staying organized

You can keep everything on track and manage multiple classes simultaneously with class templates, automated calendar reminders, and to-do lists for both you and your students. Plus, you can save time by syncing all of your classroom rosters and adding new students with a link-click or code.

Enjoying better work-life balance

With the freedom and flexibility of location independence, you’ll have more opportunities to do the things you want in different places. For example, collaborating on a document with all of your students in real-time or connecting with them face-to-face on Google Meet means you can literally be anywhere in the world with a reliable internet connection.

Personalizing your students’ learning experience

With adjustable accessibility settings, multi-language support, and individual learning plans, you can easily acknowledge and look after each student’s needs. This will go a long way in your ability to offer them a more meaningful and relevant learning experience.

Now that you know what Google Classroom itself can offer you, check out what certification is all about.

What is Google Classroom Certification?

certify for google classroom

Google Classroom certification is a series of exams you take to qualify as certified in different areas of Google Classroom or other Google education tools. Once you’ve earned Google Classroom Educator Level certification credentials, for instance, you’re considered a master of Google’s suite of education tools along with the integration of Google’s technology.

Certification helps you make the most of Google’s education tools by providing the knowledge base and skills to share your online teaching methods, train other teachers, and help students utilize the tools to collaborate and expand their potential. Being certified helps you to stand out from the crowd by distinguishing yourself in your classroom and throughout your educational career.

Google Classroom Certification Professional Development

There are a few different Google Classroom certification levels and professional development courses available to you. Here’s an overview of each.

Educator Certification

  • Educator Level 1. For Educator Level 1 certification, you’ll study for and take an exam that showcases your mastery of Google tools in your classroom. These tools include Google Classroom, Google Forms, and Google Drive.
  • Educator Level 2. For Educator Level 2 certification, you’ll prepare for and demonstrate your advanced expertise and technology integration skills.

Once you’ve become certified in each Educator level, your skills and expertise in each respective area will be validated to whoever needs to know. This includes employers, parents, students, educational institutions, and others. Plus, you’ll get a badge that will help make your resume, portfolio, and website stand out from the crowd.

Certified Trainer

If you love showing other teachers and educators how to make the most of the classrooms with Google Tools, why not turn that into a professional certification? The Certified Trainer is just that. You’ll build your leadership skills through rewarding training of your peers to help improve their classroom’s efficiency and the outcomes of their students. Plus, you’ll get to collaborate with a community of Certified Trainers and get your own feature listing in Google for Education’s global EDU Directory.

Keep in mind, you’ll need to have your Educator Level 1 and 2 certifications as prerequisites to becoming a Certified Trainer. You’ll also have to meet these ongoing requirements to keep your Certified Trainer status:

  • Conduct and report a minimum of 12 training events each year.
  • Share ideas and resources with Google’s trainer community.
  • Resubmit your interest in the certification, which includes a yearly product update assessment.

Certified Coach

As a Google Certified Coach, you’ll work one-on-one throughout the school year with teachers and educators to shape the way their schools use technology in classrooms and curriculum for maximum impact. The certification teaches you strategies to effectively coach others and gives you access to Google’s coaching model and award-winning curriculum. You can join a community of coaches to connect and gain inspiration from and be invited to coaching professional development events

There are a few ongoing requirements to maintain your status as a Certified Coach:

  • Continue working individually with teachers and educators using Google’s five-step Certified Coach model.
  • Spend and report at least 100 annual hours of individual coaching in the EDU Activity App.
  • Collaborate and share resources and ideas with Google’s coach community.

Certified Innovator

If you’re passionate about an education cause or issue, Google’s Certified Innovator certification may be perfect for you. With it, you’ll be supported to use technology to solve problems in education. Along with a community of like-minded peers, you’ll advocate to impactfully use Google tools in transformative projects for classrooms, schools and communities.

As a Certified Innovator, you will:

  • Have your project featured in Google’s Transformation Center.
  • Receive personalized mentorship from other Google Innovators.
  • Improve your leadership skills in advocacy opportunities.

It’s great that there are so many Google certification options, but what’s in it for you? We’ll answer that question, below.

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Why Bother? Benefits of Becoming Google Classroom Certified

certification benefits

There are many reasons to work for and get your Google Classroom certification. These can be personal for everyone, but here are some common motivators.

Feel confident and rewarded with up-to-date skills

As with many professional certifications, there are many reasons to pursue them. There is an intrinsic reward to improving your skillset and craft, in any field. Many of us feel a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction when we challenge ourselves and master new skills. Or, maybe you’re just weak in some areas of Google’s tools and could use a hand to fill the gaps. Plus, whether you’re a new or seasoned teacher, it’s important to make ongoing learning a part of your career to keep up with new concepts, trends, and technologies. But, since Google’s education tools have a bit of a learning curve, furthering your education through certifications is a great idea since it helps speed up that process. You’ll target the specific concepts and skills you need to be successful in Google Classroom.

Make a greater impact

When it comes to technologies, most teachers and educators in both online and brick-and-mortar schools use them to some degree in their classes. You really can do a lot more impactful work with your students when you bring in technology and introduce new and different methods of using it to:

  • Expand their learning
  • Save time
  • Get their creative juices flowing
  • Coach them into being responsible digital citizens.

Plus, you can share what you’ve learned with your colleagues to foster better learning throughout your school.

Advance your career and professional development

Once you’ve earned a particular certification, you’ll receive a badge indicating you’ve completed it along with the right to call yourself a “Google Certified Educator.” This will help you stand out and distinguish yourself from others on your resume when applying for jobs, or gain recognition and opportunities in your career through professional networks. You can even instantly expand your network into a “family” of other Google Certified Educators. Moving forward, you can lean on each other to share ideas, advice, and resources that will help one another out in many areas.

Testimonials for Google Classroom Certification

Google Classroom Testimonials

You might find it handy to hear from education professionals about their thoughts on and experiences with Google Classroom certification. 

 I’m doing the job that I love and just want to get better at it. Working towards the Level 1 Certification allowed me to gain confidence and an understanding of how to use Google tools in the classroom. It’s definitely changed my behavior and perspective as an educator.

Sam Brooks, Personal Learning Coordinator, Cookeville, Tennessee

“I love to motivate and engage students in creative ways and I knew I could find even more inventive ways to do this using Google tools. Achieving Level 2 Certification has given me greater confidence to assist my students and have a broader impact on other teachers.”

Jessica Loucks, Tech Integration Specialist, Connecticut

“I see the results every day in my classroom, where I’m no longer lecturing to a room of students reading from the same workbook. The experience is new every time we start a lesson.”

Donnie Piercey, Teacher & Technology Integration Specialist, Eminence Independent Schools

Getting Google Classroom Certified

Ready to get Google certification? The process is simple to be on your way to Google Classroom certified in no time.

First, get familiar with Google’s education tools including Google Classroom, Google Forms, and Google Drive. Then when you’re feeling comfortable, enrol yourself in a certification class (for instance, for Google Educator Level 1). This will help you target what you need to know for the exam and solidify your knowledge and skills in Google’s education tools. Once you’ve completed the course, you’re ready to sign up for and take the proctored online certification exam. If you choose to carry on and deepen your understanding of Google’s education tools, you can take a similar class before registering for the Google Educator Level 2 certification.

For information on how to take Google’s professional development Certified Trainer, Coach, and Innovator programs, check out their website.

Steps to Take Your Google Certification Exam

To take your certification exam, follow these steps or take a look through Google’s detailed steps for more information.

  1. Log in to your Google account, choose your exam and select “Register”, then choose your language.
  2. Create or log in to your Kryterion account.
  3. Select “Register for an Exam” and choose your exam from the options.
  4. When your exam is set up, you’ll get an email indicating it’s ready along with your exam link and instructions to begin it.
  5. Before you take your exam, ensure you have the latest version of Chrome and a working webcam.

Google Classroom Certification FAQs and Tips

If you still have unanswered questions about Google Classroom certification, this section might help you out.

certified google classroom teachers

What do the Educator 1 and Educator 2 exams test?

Google’s Educator 1 exam broadly tests your proficiency with Google’s educator tools like Google Classroom, Google Drive, and Google Forms. The Educator 2 certification focuses on specific use cases for Google’s education tools, including integrations.

How long are Google’s classroom certification exams?

You’ll have 3 hours to complete each exam.

How many times can I take Google’s Certification tests?

The tests can be taken as many times as needed.

Are there prerequisites to taking the Educator 1 and Educator 2 certification tests?

There are no prerequisites for Educator 1, but you need to have your Educator 1 certification in order to take the Educator 2 exam. To become a Certified Innovator or Trainer, you need to have your Educator Level 1 and 2 certifications.

Do I need to take a certification class before completing an exam?

You do not need to take a certification class before the exams, although this is recommended to do your best and get the most out of your learning.

How long is my Google Classroom Certification good for?

Your Google Classroom certification is valid for three years.

How much do Google’s classroom certification exams cost?

  • Educator 1 Exam: $10
  • Educator 2 Exam: $25
  • Trainer Skills Assessment: $15
  • Coach Certification: no cost to take the final assessment or apply for certification

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