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How GoGoKid + FeedbackPanda Templates Work Together

Easily send GoGoKid feedback with FeedbackPanda. With the browser extension, you can generate your feedback and notes in one click on the FeedbackPanda button in your history list or evaluation page. We currently offer our Browser Extension for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge.

A Panda button is placed inside every Evaluation Page and next to each class in the History List.

GoGoKid Feedback Templates
GoGoKid Feedback Generator

Student Profile and Feedback Generated for GoGoKid in One Click

Clicking on the Panda button from your GoGoKid portal will open a new tab, immediately loading FeedbackPanda and automatically opening up the “Create new Feedback” window. There, the correct student and course will be already pre-selected. If this is a new student or course, the names of both will be pre-filled when creating the course and student. If you have already created a template, it will be automatically selected. That way, your feedback will be ready for immediate customization.

What used to take five minutes or more has now been reduced to a single click. Now, you can focus on the parts of your feedback that really matter.

The more you use FeedbackPanda with GoGoKid, the more often it will automatically generate feedback for you. After creating a template for a course, that template can and will be used again the next time you teach that course. Write once, use many, many times. FeedbackPanda will take care of putting the student’s name into your feedback and make sure the pronouns are correct for the student’s gender.

Template and Resource Sharing on the FeedbackPandaCloud

On the FeedbackPandaCloud, thousands of teachers share their best feedback templates with all other teachers. There are over 100.000 templates shared on the FeedbackPandaCloud. Currently, our teachers have imported a template from the Cloud almost one million times.

FeedBackPanda for Magic Ears

Learn more about how FeedbackPanda can help you save time with GoGoKid feedback templates.

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GoGoKid Feedback Examples

With FeedbackPanda, you will get access to hundreds of GoGoKid feedback templates to use and customize for your students and courses. The templates are written and shared by other GoGoKid teachers who have taught the same courses as you, so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel or write your own feedback from scratch. When you sign up, you can browse our cloud of templates, including feedback for:

  • Assessments
  • Assisted Projects
  • Gogokid Trials
  • Reviews
  • Popular level classes
  • Student no shows
  • Student IT problems
  • Asking for Parent Feedback

Here’s a look at a few gogokid feedback examples. When using FeedbackPanda, the student’s name and pronoun will automatically populate when you import the template.

Assessment Feedback

Gogokid Assessment Feedback Template

Gogokid Assessment Feedback Template on FeedbackPanda.com

It was wonderful to see [name] in class today! [Pronoun] is an excellent student and is such a pleasure to teach. [name] did a great job on [pronoun] end of unit assessment today! Assessments are not the same as regular classes because they are designed to evaluate how well the student is meeting the unit learning goals and learning English. This way, the student knows what they did well on, as well as things they need to practice more. [name] demonstrated [pronoun] knowledge of the unit material quite well. [Pronoun] showed his understanding of modes of transportation: [bus/taxi/motorcycle/scooter/plane/train/ship/bicycle/subway]. [Pronoun] also demonstrated his knowledge of the places in a city such as [school/library/deli/bakery/park/zoo/hospital]. [Pronoun] was able to show that [pronoun] learned the target sounds for /c/ as in [cat] and /d/ as in [dog]. That is fabulous! [name] followed directions and participated for the entire class. I am very proud of [pronoun] performance in class today! [Pronoun] did a great job and proved that [pronoun] learned everything in this unit well. Keep up the fantastic work, [name]! Thank you for a wonderful class! Hope to see you next week! Thank you, Teacher Name

Trial Feedback

Gogokid Trial Feedback Template

Gogokid Trial Feedback Template on FeedbackPanda

Greetings! It was so nice to meet [name] in my GoGokid classroom! [name] did great for [pronoun] very first lesson. [Pronoun] is a very clever student! The trial lesson helps us to assess the student’s current knowledge of English and allows the student to become familiar and comfortable with the GoGoKid program.

Today we learned about the animals [polar bear], [lizard], [chameleon], and [cheetah]. We also learned how they can [camouflage] themselves in their surroundings so they can hide from danger. [name] discussed other animals who can camouflage themselves like [snakes] and [owls]. Wonderful job!

We practiced the blend /fl/ by reading words like [camouflage], [floor], [fly], and [flower]. We also also practiced using the interrogative words [when], [where], [why], and [what] to ask and answer questions.

I can see that [name] is going to do very well with GoGokid lessons. [name] spoke and read English very well today. [Pronoun] was able to follow directions, listen to the teacher, and most of all, [pronoun] had fun! With continued lessons [name] will become more confident with speaking, reading, and writing in English. [name] earned 5 stars today and did a great job! I hope to see [name] again soon in my GoGokid classroom! Warm regards, Teacher Name

Asking For Parent Feedback

GoGokid review feedback

GoGokid Asking for Parent Feedback Template

It was so nice to meet [name] today! We had an awesome phonics lesson today! Today’s class was a Review lesson in which [name] reviewed the phonemes learned in the previous few lessons. [name] did a wonderful job with this lesson. [Pronoun] was able to properly recognize, pronounce, and spell most of the words reviewed.

He also did a fantastic job using the high-frequency words in sentences. At the end of the lesson, [name] read a story. Although it was quite lengthy, he did a great job reading with proper pronunciation and fluency. Great job, [name]! For extra practice, please review the words: [grill], [blender], [glow], and [flour] with [name], as these are the words [pronoun] struggled with during today’s lesson. [name] is a very fast reader! This is great, but sometimes [pronoun] misses the end of [pronoun] words.

A parent can help him by having him read stories out loud at a slower pace so that [pronoun] looks at each word. [name] did a wonderful job in class and earned all five gems today! Keep up the awesome work, [name]! Parent feedback is important to me. I read them carefully and am always trying to improve as a teacher! Please share your kind feedback and suggestions for improvement. I would also love to hear if [name] enjoyed this class. I look forward to seeing [pronoun] in class again soon! Take care, Teacher Name

FeedBackPanda Announcement

Oh my goodness. I am so excited. I just entered today’s classes even though I already wrote feedback by hand. SO NICE!!! This is amazing!

Lisa Mellon Wagner, VIPKID Teacher

Feedback Panda is very easy to use and navigate. I feel organized and I’m working smarter and more efficiently. I’m sorry I didn’t start using Feedback Panda 200 classes ago, but it’s never too late to start! 5 stars for Feedback Panda! They just added the feedback cloud which gives you access to a TON of pre-written feedback that you can edit. Saves me even more time!!!! I finished my feedback in record time today. Thank you Feedback Panda!

Nichole Meier Churchill, VIPKID Teacher

FeedbackPanda is so amazingly helpful. It really has taken the stress out of doing feedback. I feel so much more organized, and I really like being able to go back and read all of my feedback for a particular student.

Samara Dean, VIPKID Teacher

When I think about how much time Feedback Panda saves me each day, I am amazed that not all teachers use it. It is a lifesaver! The creators are super responsive and helpful, too. THANK YOU!!!

Kristina Garcia, VIPKID Teacher

I LOVE FEEDBACK PANDA!! It lets you know if you’ve taught a student before!!!! (As long as you have the feedback for them saved). I am on day 7 of the free trial and have already purchased the $10/month package

April Cochran, VIPKID Teacher

I just started using it today and it saved me so much time on my feedback!

Tara Crain, VIPKID Teacher

I can’t say enough amazing things about Feedback Panda! It has cut my feedback time down from over 10 minutes to 1 and even less than 1! You can customize and change your templates as often or however you chose. Your students are saved each time you create feedback for them so you can easily track who you’ve seen and when. LOVE THIS PROGRAM!

Donnetta M Jaye, VIPKID Teacher

It dramatically helped the efficiency of my work, and also, to keep my students’ profiles organized. It is AMAZING. I could not be more grateful than that. Thank you so much for inventing a version especially for VIPKID. I’m immensely grateful!

Lyra Su, VIPKID Teacher

Feedback Panda is best bang (bang da) for your buck!

Sandra Partin, VIPKID Teacher

Common Questions

How long does it take to hear back from GoGoKid after an interview?

After being interviewed for a GoGoKid teaching position, it typically takes one or two business days to hear back from them about whether or not you were hired. Sometimes you will hear back sooner.

What are the peak times for GoGoKid?

The peak times to teach GoGoKid classes are early in the morning, from 6-9 am Eastern Standard Time. Because of the time difference between you and your students, you may teach classes even earlier.

How do I get GoGoKid bookings?

You can get more regular bookings on GoGoKid by teaching trial classes, taking last minute bookings (getting booked up to 1 hour before the class, and invest in your profile with high quality photos, videos, and information about yourself.

What are GoGoKid’s requirements to be a teacher?

To become a GoGoKid teacher, you must be able to speak English, work in the United States or Canada, have a Bachelor’s degree, and relevant experience such as teaching or coaching children.

How much does GoGoKid pay?

GoGoKid pays its teachers $14-$25 per hour. The pay structure is a flat rate per class,  so a teacher’s hourly rate depends on how many classes they teach and their experience.

How do you write student feedback for GoGoKid?

Writing student feedback for GoGoKid is super easy with FeedbackPanda. Simply sign up for a free trial, search for the course you need to write feedback for, and import an already-written template to customize for your student.

Here’s how easy it is to create GoGoKid feedback…

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