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Features and Benefits of Feedback Panda for Galileo

Auto-Synced Records and Talk-to-Text Make it Easy On-the-Go

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When you’re out and about, it’s still easy and convenient to create feedback and prep for class using the FeedbackPanda app. And no matter where you are or what you’re doing, you can keep your records and information synced and organized across all devices — phone, desktop or tablet. Plus, the talk to text feature speeds things up when you’re on the go with its customized notes additions or ability to check on records.

Saveable and Reusable Galileo Feedback Templates

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It’s so easy to keep and manage your own personal library of customizable feedback templates for any course. You only need to create feedback texts one time. Then, it’s quick and simple to repurpose them for other students in different classes. Plus, the templates even autofill with your student’s personal information, like names and gender pronouns. This means you can simply focus on adding in their class performance information.

Profiles for Your Galileo Courses and Students

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Wouldn’t it be great to connect better with your students and offer them an even better learning experience? You can do this by saving their individual profiles, including learning style, photo, and preferences. Plus, you can better prepare for all of your classes by saving notes for each one. Easily search your notes and profiles from the Galileo dashboard or in your classroom through the browser extension.

FeedbackPanda Cloud

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You’ll love the ability to access and use templates that other Galileo teachers have created. Through FeedbackPanda’s Cloud, you can just save them to your library and use them in your classes. Also, you can reciprocate by sharing your own templates. This group collaboration makes working with the feedback templates very convenient and quick. Everything is saved in one spot and everyone can utilize the expertise and efforts of one another, which makes for better community and teamwork.


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Never miss an important birthday, milestone or holiday again! With the calendar feature, accessed on your dashboard’s notification bar, reminders display so you can see at a glance what’s going on with your students each week. This makes it super easy to celebrate them!

Galileo Class Report Requirements

Galileo Report Requirements

Galileo uses a unique approach to teaching by combining project-based and self-directed learning, an international community of classmates. This includes as much inspiration and guidance from teachers like you as possible.

While there are no formal class report requirements at Galileo, your parents and students will need some form of feedback to thrive and progress in their education journey. Good news, FeedbackPanda can help you with whatever type of feedback you decide to create by streamlining the process, whether you’re giving students a weekly progress report, or you’re sending out an informal update to parents. It’s incredibly fast and simple to write and submit feedback with the pre-loaded and populated templates. Just customize them after each of your classes.

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Galileo Frequently Asked Questions

What does working with Galileo look like?

Galileo teachers faciliate daily check-ins, clubs on different subjects, bootcamps, and nanocourses.

Why should I work for Galileo?

 If you believe in fostering an inspirational rather than mandatory environment and philosophy, Galileo might just be the place for you. Students and parents will choose your learning environment, which is a huge compliment and testament to you as an educator.

How do you submit feedback for Galileo classes?

Use FeedbackPanda to create student feedback or any parent communication you want to send out. Simply copy it from the app and send it to students/parents.

What hours do Galileo teachers work?

Since Galileo is a self-directed learning program, your students will design and make their own schedule when they onboard with the school. This is all based on their specific learning goals and interests along with the number of activities and clubs that suit them.

How can I contact FeedbackPanda for help?

We’re here for any questions you might have. Call 1-888-271-2012 or use the chat feature at

Can I use FeedbackPanda for other schools besides Galileo?

Yes, FeedbackPanda works for all schools, whether it is an online learning environment or brick and mortar school.

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