30+ Free VIPKid Printable Props

Free Printable Props

Having the right set of props on hand for your VIPKid classes makes all the difference. Those colorful toys, signs, and shapes help keep your students entertained and engaged, as well as supplement the course slides. In fact, utilizing props can help you increase your VIPKid bookings and improve parent feedback – students and parents love them!


But as you know, anything you purchase to create your awesome online classroom comes straight out of your own pocket, so finding ways to DIY your teaching supplies is always a major plus. If you’re a new VIPKid teacher or simply want to spruce up your prop collection, we’ve got a massive collection in our Free VIPKid Printable Props Starter Kit to set you up for all your classes.

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Free VIPKid Printable Props Starter Kit 

VIPKId Printable Props and Rewards

One of the most common questions that teachers have is “what kind of props should I use?” There are endless possibilities, but there are certain categories of props that most teachers use – and they tend to work for several courses, so you don’t have to worry about finding a new set for every class you teach. In our free VIPKid Printable Props Starter Kit, we’ve got a selection of must-haves that every teacher – no matter how long you’ve been with VIPKid, should have in their toolbox. 

In addition to those, we also have basic shapes, flags, food, travel, animals, sports, birthday, and globe props. 

Here’s a peek at what’s inside our free download. 

  • Must-haves
    • Circle – One of the first things you learn as a vipkid student, when they need to circle something on the slide
    • Star – When a student gets something right, rewards, etc. 
    • Pencil – When they need to write or draw something like a line
  • Shapes – This set includes a circle, square, rectangle, triangle, cube, and sphere. 
  • Flags – China and United States flags
  • Fruit – Lemon, orange, pineapple, grapes, strawberry, bananas
  • Transportation – Car, plane, bicycle, taxi
  • Farm Animals – Rooster, chicks, cow, goose, sheep, horse, pig, chicken, goat
  • Sports – Basketball, soccer, badminton, baseball
  • Globe
  • Birthday – Happy birthday sign, birthday cake, balloons, and present
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The download is set to print on standard 8.5×11 paper, so all you need to do is cut them out. To ensure they last through the wear and tear, we also recommend laminating them and/or gluing them to a sturdier material like card stock or cardboard. Then, use a hot glue gun or a strong adhesive to glue them to popsicle sticks. Voila! You have an entire library of free props at your disposal to use during regular courses, trial classes, and even unit assessments.  


Other Free DIY Props

VIPKid DIY Props

Meg, Mike and Dino

If you’re looking for Meg, Mike & Dino free printables, you can join the VIPKid Printable & Digital Props Facebook group. These are extremely popular props of VIPKid characters that can be used for nearly any lesson, as well as games and rewards. Students love seeing these repeat characters, and they are great to incorporate when you’re demonstrating question and answer phrases or conversations. 


White Board 

All VIPKid teachers need a whiteboard, whether you need a prop to help with rewards, spelling, grammar, or math lessons. You can get one for just a couple bucks and it will serve so many purposes, whether you’re teaching grammar, spelling, or math. It allows you to visually show the course material and supplement the slides, so students can remain fully engaged. Just be sure to get one that’s 8.5×11 inches (or close to that size) and lightweight so you can easily hold it up and have it fit in the screen without taking up too much space. 


Letters & Numbers

Unless you’ve got a stack of flashcards hiding in a closet somewhere at home, there’s no need to use store-bought cards for VIPKid classes. DIY flashcards with letters of the alphabet, site words, or numbers are super easy to make at home with some construction paper and a marker. Just make sure to use a dark enough marker and write in big, bold letters so the student can see clearly 



How do you organize your VIPKid props?

Depending on what kind of props you have, you can organize them in plastic storage containers, a binder with clear sleeves, or an accordion file. If they are laminated and have a sturdy backing, you can also put them in baskets.

What props should I buy for VIPKid?

You can download tons of free VIPKid props before you purchase them, but if you are looking for 3D props like stuffed animals, puppets, etc, you can look on Teachers Pay Teachers, Etsy, or Amazon

What are the best VIPKid props for teachers who travel?

If you travel and teach for VIPKid, you’ll need a set of portable props to bring with you when you’re not in your home classroom. Printable 2D props are a great option to keep in an accordion file as you travel, as well as small stuffed animals and puppets that you can keep in a bag. 

FeedbackPanda Features & Pricing

Thousands of VIPKid teachers have used FeedbackPanda to help save time and money with student feedback templates. Our templates are created by VIPKid teachers, for VIPKid teachers. All you have to do is search through the FeedbackPandaCloud to find the course you need feedback for, and import the template and make it your own.


  • FeedbackPandaCloud Access
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  • FeedbackPandaCloud Access
  • Browser Integration
  • Unlimited Reports


Download our free VIPKid Printable Props Starter Kit with 30+ amazing props you can use every single day. 

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