Free Online Resources for Teachers

How to Transition to Teaching English Online

September 10, 2019 is Teacher’s Day in China! Teachers are a very special group–they make a huge difference in the world. We want to help you celebrate Teacher’s Day by providing you some free online resources for teachers planning lessons and helping your students in their studies. Whether you’re an online teacher or a brick-and-mortar teacher, you’ll find plenty of valuable ways to enhance your lessons.

Resources for Online Teachers


Emphasizing ESL teaching, this worksheet resource website doesn’t have any subscription plan–that is how free it is! BusyTeacher has over 17,000 worksheets to choose from, as well as classroom tools and flash cards. There are also some great PDFs for sale through their Shopfiy store, such as How to Teach English Online & 1-on-1 Like a Pro and Amazing Lessons You Can Teach with Things Around You

Help Teaching

Help Teaching has worksheets and lesson plans for K-12 students, as well as Early Education materials. This website has a nice little twist–you can use the worksheet generator or TestMaker to create your own materials. All you have to do is sign up (no payment information required). If you want to make full use of this website and use the entire range of complete lesson plans, you can pay a very nominal yearly fee for the subscription.

LearnEnglish Kids

Sure, you’ll hear British accents in the videos. Some of the terminology and spelling is a little different too. But this is still one of the most valuable free websites because the British Council is the trusted source behind it. The British Council’s courses and materials are known to help young and adult students prepare for the Cambridge English exams. 


From survival to business English, Boggle’s World helps you cut down time and costs. There are hundreds of lesson plans, worksheets, and ideas here. Fortunately, the website is structured in a way that allows you to efficiently search for what you need. As this is a free resource, costs are paid with advertising. Just be careful to stick to the Lanternfish materials, and not the paid advertising links.

Online Resources for Teachers

PBS Learning Media

Another respected media outlet, PBS provides lesson materials for all subjects like:

  • English
  • History
  • Math
  • Arts
  • Technology
  • World culture

Many of the lessons use a popular PBS character, such as Buster and Pinkalicious. A wide range of formats is used, from PDF to video. The videos come with transcripts too! It’s very easy to sign up–all you have to do is enter an email address.

Stanford History Education Group

Did you know that one of the most prestigious and expensive universities in the US sponsors a free resource website for teachers? SHEG provides teachers with entire lesson plans free of charge. All that is required to access the materials is to create an account. Afterwards, you’ll have unrestricted access to the lesson plans and assessments.

Teachers Pay Teachers (TpT)

TpT is undoubtedly a very popular resource website that aims to share ideas between teachers. It has millions of users and resources. You can find plenty of free materials by simply filtering your search. The website is very easy to use. If you have great ideas too, you are encouraged to become part of the TpT community!

Resources for Teachers

FeedbackPanda wishes you a wonderful Teacher’s Day, wherever in the world you are. Even though this is a special holiday in China, we believe that teachers in every nation should be celebrated and respected every single day of the year. Thank you for what you do. Happy teaching! Hope these free online resources were useful, you can also check out VIPKID’s Free TEFL Course