FeedbackPanda vs. Five Apple Feedback: What’s the Best ESL Feedback App? 

best esl feedback app for vipkid

If you’ve been teaching ESL for any amount of time, you know just how time-consuming writing student feedback can be. And if you’ve landed on this page, it probably means you’ve been looking into tools to save you time and help make the tedious process of writing feedback a little bit easier. From FeedbackPanda to Five Apple Feedback to Google Sheets, it’s important to find the right tool that will not only make writing feedback a breeze, but also make you a better teacher, build your relationships with students/parents, and help increase your bookings.

If you’re in the online teaching industry, you’ve likely heard of both:

  • FeedbackPanda
  • Five Apple Feedback

While both tools have similarities, there are definitely differences. It’s worth taking a few minutes to understand them to make sure you find the best ESL feedback app for your needs. To help you on your quest, we’ve created an in-depth comparison of the two apps!

FeedbackPanda – The Best Five Apple Feedback Alternative 

On our FeedbackPanda vs. Five Apple Feedback comparison page, we discuss the features and functionality that make the feedback apps unique from one another, as well as other important details you’ll need to know before deciding which one’s best for you. Whether teaching is a side gig you only tap into every once in a while or a full-time career, you’ll find an option that meets your needs/expectations, from pricing to template options to schools offered, and more. 

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