FeedbackPanda’s New Analytics Feature

FeedbackPanda’s New Analytics Feature

Teachers love seeing the progress their students make, but they want to see their own progress too. You loved seeing the top three students who were booking with you, so we wanted to revamp this FeedbackPanda’s new analytics feature to give you even more information.

PIng Analytics Feature

Based on the teacher feedback we received, the online teaching community pays attention to perfect parent ratings and productive months. Now, we can provide this information to you with a click of the mouse. You can filter the results using the drop-down box at the top right of the screen. This drop-down box allows you to get results for the:

  • Current month
  • Last Month
  • Last Three Months
  • Last six months
  • Last year
  • The entire time you’ve been with FeedbackPanda

Most Parent Ratings is the student who leaves you the most perfect ratings, and how many they’ve given you within the designated period of time. This is sometimes helpful to teachers who want to know which students are recognizing their efforts so they can recreate the same methods with other students. Additionally, some teachers want to give priority to students who are helping their careers with good ratings. Teachers can easily track their successes and duplicate them!

Busiest Month will tell you which month you taught the most classes, based on the feedback you’re entering. Conversely, Least Active Month will tell you which month you taught the least classes in. Teachers are often left wondering where the ebbs and flows of the online platform are. This will help you to decide when you should focus your efforts and when you should take a much-needed break! For example, if you see that you typically have a highly productive May but a very slow February, you might deduce that Chinese New Year may be a factor. Hence, you can try to plan your family vacations to coincide with your less productive months. 

FeedbackPanda’s Analytics Feature

While we can dig around VIPKid and GoGoKid to find some analytical information, it’s not easy to extract! We love our jobs, but the online ESL companies focus their efforts on the student portals–not the teachers’ portals. As a result, teachers have to spend a lot of unpaid time on creating their own databases to track their professional progress.

At FeedbackPanda, our mission is to support the teachers first. We always have this in mind when making any kind of change or adding a new feature. Our first question is, “How will this help our teachers?” We want to give you the tools to make yourself successful, and crunching numbers is a great way to build your business! 

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