FeedbackPanda’s Fantastic Features

We couldn’t fit all of FeedbackPanda’s attributes into a concise blog post. We had to narrow the list, which doesn’t even include the calendar for keeping track of Chinese holidays and students’ birthdays, your very own statistics page, and a mobile app–just to name a few. FeedbackPanda continuously strives to bring in more features which will increase your efficiency. Another important feature–the chat box in the bottom corner of the page! If you think of something FBP doesn’t have, let us know! Our aim is to tailor our software to your needs.

Full Integration With Your Teaching Portal

One of the most beloved features that keeps FBP subscribers coming back month after month is the complete integration with VIPKid, gogokid, QKids, MagicEars and SayABC–just to name a few. In one mouse click, your student, course, and feedback template is pulled from your teacher’s portal.


Literally thousands of templates for the lessons are available for your use. Or…create your own. The student’s name will populate automatically along with the correct gender pronouns. Only one copy and paste is necessary, unlike using spreadsheets or word processors, requiring you to copy and paste several times for each set of lessons taught for the day.

Rewards System

In the old days, we tried to track our rewards by typing a little note in the T2T feedback. This method still doesn’t allow for easy data recall, even today. With FBP, you have every reward you used in your history with the student–and each reward shows the lesson it was used for.

Find a Student Easily

Google Sheets makes you either filter your searches or use the Ctrl F key to find data in lengthy, vast spreadsheets. Then, trying to read the information contained in little cells can be an eye-strain at best, and just plain confusing. FBP lets you find a particular student with beautiful simplicity, with all of his or her data organized in a clean and orderly way.

Sync Parent Apple Feedback

Yes! A click of a button will automatically sync every apple or star received for each lesson! This is the beauty of FBP’s integration–the software detects not only each unique student, but every Class ID too! Mind blown!

Add Multiple Schools At No Extra Charge

As online ESL becomes the wave of the future, companies are popping up cons
antly. Many of us work with at least two companies. FBP’s got your back! At no extra cost, feel free to have up to three schools on you account.

Smart Sentences

While we want our feedback to be personalized, there are hundreds of snippets which we use repeatedly. Teachers say this new feature saves them precious time each day. A Smart Sentence takes only two seconds to insert. Two seconds as opposed to two minutes typing out the same sentence twenty times a day…which option would you choose?

Student Profile Photo

How many Elsas, Leos, and Annies do you have? It can be difficult to distinguish between them all. Fortunately, FBP allows you to insert your own photo of your students. No more surprises waiting behind the camera!

Referral Program

We love our subscribers! FBP was created for teachers and their specific needs. You selflessly have shared your experiences with the ESL community. As a thank you, we have provided you with a unique referral ID to give to your colleagues.