FeedbackPanda SuperStar Teacher Willow

This week’s SuperStar Teacher is Willow! Willow was one of the very first teachers to use FeedbackPanda and we are so grateful that she has helped build up the FeedbackPandaCloud by sharing her templates. Her interview is, just like she describes her feedback, friendly and to the point.

FeedbackPanda SuperStar Teacher

Tricks for staying alert: Crio bru, CoQ10 Nitro from Young Living

Favorite Lesson to teach: Anything that uses my food props 🙂

What do you do in between classes? FB Panda

How do you use FeedbackPanda? I prep it the night before and then use it in-between class to add my notes (taken in word in class)

Describe your Feedback Style/Structure: Friendly and to the point.

Good Feedback Must Contain… Correct names and gender and some happy thoughts 🙂

What do you like to see when checking the Teacher to Teacher Feedback? Name the student gives, age, details about the student, words to work on, how the behavior was in this class.

Notes or comments to the teachers who import your templates? Thanks!