FeedbackPanda SuperStar Teacher Susan

This week’s Teacher SuperStar is Teacher Susan. Susan studied in London, England. She has 3 dogs and is also working towards her black belt in karate. Way to go Teacher Susan! We think you’re “Awesome!” too!

FeedbackPanda Superstar Teacher

Favorite Lesson to teach: I love the Farm Animal units because it makes the kids laugh when I do my animal impressions.

What do you do in between classes? Finish my feedback, get props ready for next class

Tricks for staying alert: Coke Zero, water, and a fan

How do you use FeedbackPanda? (what is your process) Once a week, I go through and update all the little bits of information about the students (birthday, pictures, and such) and the lesson objectives and target sentences. I use the chat box in class to write down the words that gave problems or things I want the student to work on, such as “make sure to say the s at the end of the word”. When class is completed, I open up Feedback Panda, pull in a screen shot picture of the student if new, and look for a template. Usually, I can find one right away and if not, I get as much done as I can before the next class and finish after.

Describe your Feedback Style/Structure: I like to provide an overview of the lesson and how the student completed each section. For assessments, I break it down by Level and give feedback on each section. I try to add something personal at the end of each student’s feedback (great headband, liked the music) to let them know I was paying attention to them.

Good Feedback Must Contain… The most important part to me is acknowledging the student was in the class by using their name and personalize as appropriate. I like to have things they can work on. I always thank them for being in my class and end with “See you soon!”.

What do you like to see when checking the Teacher to Teacher Feedback? I check the Teacher to Teacher feedback if I am having difficulty connecting with a student to see if they tend to talk slowly, get distracted, or need lots of props to keep them engaged. Otherwise, I rely on my own notes for the student.

Notes or comments to the teachers who import your templates? Thank you for your interest and I hope you have found them helpful.

Any other comments you wish to communicate… : ) Feedback Panda has been a game changer for my mornings. I don’t feel frantic trying to remember everything from a class and I can fully engage the next student knowing the feedback is completed for the previous one. It is in a word “AWESOME”.