FeedbackPanda SuperStar Teacher Kim Achenbach

This week’s SuperStar Teacher is Teacher Kim Achenbach. Kim is on her 3rd contract with VIPKID and teaches 10 classes back-to-back every morning. In her interview she explains her process when using FeedbackPanda. Enjoy!

Superstar Teacher FeedbackPanda

How Long have you been teaching with VIPKID? I am on my 3rd contract with VIPKID, and teach 10 classes back-to-back almost every morning. (I’ve recently started taking Sundays off because I was getting a little burnt out).

Tricks for staying alert: I am actually one of those rare morning people, and have always gotten up between 5 and 6. I now get up at 4:00, so a cup of coffee and I’m good to go.

What do you do in between classes? Between classes I usually do feedback. It’s tough to sit for 5 hours straight with no break, but when I’m done, I want to be done!

FeedbackPanda has saved me SO much time. I actually have a google doc made of almost every lesson, that I have written myself. Even with that, I was spending so much time changing the names each time I taught the lesson, and customizing it.

How do you use FeedbackPanda? Now I open FeedbackPanda when I log into class, and move it to another screen. I just add what I need to as I’m teaching. When the class ends, I copy to clipboard, paste, and done! There are times I can’t get the feedback in before the next class, but it just takes a few minutes to get it in after my classes end when that happens. I used to spend 1–2 hrs after class working on feedback! Now it’s maybe 10 minutes and that is on the days that I have a lot of UAs.

I have also stopped writing feedback for the lessons that I haven’t created, to cut and paste in from my google docs. Now I just use the feedback from the cloud and it makes me so happy!

What do you like to see when checking the Teacher to Teacher Feedback? I have a lot of regulars. I’m guessing that the parents are satisfied with the way I write feedback, so I don’t want to change it too much. When I look through teacher feedback to customize, I usually look for someone who structures it like I do. I think that it’s important that you always continue write in your own voice.