FeedbackPanda SuperStar Teacher Darla H

With over 500 Super Star teachers sharing feedback templates on the FeedbackPandaCloud, we thought it would be fun to get to know our teachers a bit better and learn more about the people that help us get our Feedback finished so quickly.

This week the spotlight is on Darla! You likely already recognize Darla’s name from searching the FeedbackPandaCloud and you will definitely know her from the FeedbackPanda community if you are a part of the FeedbackPanda users Facebook group.

FeedbackPanda Superstar

How would you describe your Feedback Structure? Outline style

Good Feedback Must Contain…What ever the teacher deems necessary. I use outline style so it jogs my memory when I am 1) going over the classes (if I know it and my feedback is outline style then I know what I am teaching) 2) leaving feedback for the student, because since I work with mostly regulars it is easy to remember what they were able to do and what gave them trouble. Then I point out how they did on each section and what they should practice.

Favorite Lesson to teach: I don’t know, but I don’t like to teach ‘Days of the Week and Mammals, Birds, Reptiles and Fish’

How do you use FeedbackPanda? Get up an hour earlier than my classes start. I open two tabs, one for my first block and one for my second block. I open each class,pull up the PPT (for the soonest block) pull up FeedbackPanda and then after it is all done I go to review the slides for the lesson if it has been a while or if I have never taught a lesson. On my full days I do a block of four, 1/2 break then block of six. During 30 minutes break I load the next group of PPTs and do my feedback from first block. Unless my dogs have to go out again or I am hungry.

What do you do in between classes? Dispose of the coffee (lol) in the bathroom, get water, eat a snack. I do not do feedback don’t like feeling rushed. I usually go into my next class and get my settings right, if it is a no show or late then I will work on my feedback but I never submit any feedback until I am done with all of my classes (unless it is a trial) too stressful for me.

What do you like to see when checking the Teacher to Teacher Feedback? I generally do not look at other teacher’s feedback because most of the kids I see regularly. I know that they see other teachers occasionally but since I usually have them about once a week I don’t feel like there is a need.

Notes to the Teachers who import your Templates? Hope you like them, they work for me. 🙂

Any other comments… I love FeedbackPanda because it helps me plan better and helps me remember what I am covering plus it makes me type so much LESS!