FeedbackPanda SuperStar Teacher  Kelly Hicks

This week’s SuperStar Teacher is Teacher Kelly Hicks. Teacher Kelly writes all of her own templates and shares them all on the FeedbackPandaCloud. She has some nice tips on how to write great feedback that parents love and talks about her love of teaching english online with VIPKID.

FeedbackPanda SuperStar Teacher 

Favorite Lesson to teach: I do not necessarily have a favorite lesson, they are all very different and I enjoy different aspects of all lessons and levels. I do think Level 3 is my favorite Level to teach.

How do you use Feedback Panda: I do not use other people’s templates at all. I only create my own. I log into my classroom and enter Feedback Panda through the icon. If Feedback Panda pulls a template I have previously written I use that one and make some changes, if not, I write my generic template in a word doc and once finished I create it in Feedback Panda. I mainly use Feedback Panda to keep track of my students, and birthdays. I love that once I have created a template for one lesson I never have to do it again. It saves me a lot of time.

Tips for staying alert: I drink a cup of iced coffee when I wake up and make sure to eat a healthy breakfast of two eggs and a piece of organic multigrain toast every day. I drink water in between my classes to keep me hydrated. I think it is very important to wake up at least 30–45 minutes prior to my first early class ( I wake up at 4:35 every morning.) When I work nights during the summer I feel it is important to eat a healthy dinner(and a lot of water) and I follow it with a cup of iced coffee. If I am feeling sluggish at night I will drink a caffeine-free Zevia.

In between classes: I run to the bathroom, have a sip of water, and prepare my reward for my next class. I never use the same reward for a student twice.

Feedback Style: I write extremely detailed feedback. I have many parents that love my detailed feedback. My feedback structure is:

-Introduction (hello, great job, 5 stars, something I learned about the student that class,)

-The body of feedback: a detailed explanation of everything learned during class. In this section, I mention everything the student did well, accompanied by a lot of praise.

-Review: This paragraph focuses on what the student can review or practice. If it is a new student to me I always write about what they will gain throughout the entire VIPKID program.

-Closing: I thank them for a great class and if they have left feedback for me. I tell them I look forward to seeing them (soon/tomorrow/specific day/next week.) I ask parents to let me know lower level students’ interests and hobbies for future rewards. In this paragraph, I will also include any days I may be taking off in the future.

Good Feedback must contain:

-Something new I learned about the student. Example: Today I learned that my student Kady’s favorite books to read are Harry Potter.

-The number of stars a student received.

-UA I include points earned

-A detailed overview of material learned.

-What the student did well.

-At least one thing the student can practice at home or what we will continue to practice in class.

-Strong closing.

Teacher to Teacher Feedback:

Project the student chose.

-Student’s likes and/or dislikes.

(What I do not need in Teacher to Teacher Feedback):

-I do not need student behavior or things to practice because I like to teach and assess my students with an open mind and clean slate.

Notes to teachers: I am happy to know my templates help you. Please remember to add personal touches to your feedback. Always include something unique in your feedback (about yourself or your student.)I do my best to make my templates/feedback very personal. I do not like to sound like an automated message.

Other comments: Throughout my childcare career, working with VIPKID is one of the most fulfilling experience I have encountered. I genuinely enjoy meeting new kids every day and love my regular students and the rapport we have built. Initially, I began teaching with VIPKID to generate some extra income for my family, but it quickly grew beyond the money. I am very appreciative of the opportunity I have to work with VIPKID, it is something I love and do for myself, and I look forward to the classroom every day!