FeedbackPanda SuperStar Teacher  Cindy WS

This week’s SuperStar Teacher is Teacher Cindy WS. Cindy WS is on her second contract with VIPKID and her templates are very popular on the FeedbackPandaCloud. She is a Mom of three daughters who loves to sing musicals while folding laundry. She is also a big fan of taking naps! Here is her interview.

FeedbackPanda Superstar Teacher

Tricks for staying alert: I wake up 45 minutes before my first class- if I cut the time any closer then I feel rushed! I drink a 5 hour energy drink and grab breakfast to eat after I’m done with my makeup. I teach 12 classes in a row every morning so I wake up around 2am! My husband brings me a cup of coffee before he leaves for work.

Favorite Lesson to teach: I think I am the only one who likes alllllll the previp lessons! Give me some crazy line dancing and knuckle and bones! I embrace making a fool of myself and the kiddo (and parents) has a great time.

What do you do in between classes? I do NOT do feedback in my break. I take a quick minute to grab my next reward, any props I need, or just take a deep breath after a crazy class. I will check feedback panda to see what I have said about the next student in the past as well!

How do you use FeedbackPanda? I do all of my feedback after class. I don’t ever get up from the computer until all feedback is done! I can do about 12–15 classes in under 15 minutes now! I love using other teachers templates and modifying them to fit my students. I will always add in a personalized moment from that class lesson because I don’t want the parents to ever feel I’m not paying attention to their child. For previp lessons, I also will look ahead and note if there is anything they may need to bring for the next lesson. For example- if they need a paper ball for knuckle and bones, or if we will be dancing together in the USA!

Describe your Feedback Style/Structure:

I am a very, VERY positive teacher. My own children take lingobus lessons and I feel completely lost just watching them. Even when the kids are trying to write with their feet, I try to go along and keep feedback positive! I am honest with parents on what they need to work on, but I want parents to know I understand that learning English is HARD and that I care about their child.

Good Feedback Must Contain… some personalized information! I think as a parent they wants to know that you are talking about their child. I love the templates to save time, but I think adding a detail (baobao was so proud when she read the story by herself!!) really makes it wonderful.

What do you like to see when checking the Teacher to Teacher Feedback (notes on students from teachers in the VIPKID portal)?

I like to know what rewards the child likes and if there is anything that works or doesn’t work. I had a previp student once that became hysterical when you gave him a star- no idea why, but complete meltdown! That was super helpful to know because if you accidentally clicked a star- watch out!

Notes or comments to the teachers who import your templates?

I hope I didn’t make any typos 😂