FeedbackPanda Isn’t Just for Feedback

Minimize clutter and busywork by trading in the handwritten notes for FeedbackPanda.

Before FeedbackPanda, I was teaching about 150 to 250 classes a month, using the VIPKid portal to keep track of my students and their rewards. As my fellow teachers can attest to, it isn’t easy to retrieve information from the portal–we have to jump around from desktop to mobile app to obtain different pieces of the puzzle. I tried a pretty nifty spreadsheet too, but with all my classes taught, it became a chore to maintain–especially when “updates” were rolled out.

When I saw everything that FBP could accomplish for me, it was almost like a church choir was singing Handel’s “Hallelujah” chorus in my mind. I was sold as soon as I saw the data immediately transferred from the VIPKid portal to my FBP account. This software was made especially for my needs, anticipating each one with uncanny precision.

What Is FeedbackPanda?

This is the question I often see when I read posts on Facebook. It’s not enough to say it is a feedback tool. It is an entire client management tool for online ESL teachers. It gathers every single bit of information from your classes and folds it up into a neat cyber-sized bundle. FBP is integrated with multiple companies, including but not limited to VIPKid, gogokid, and DaDaABC. If you contract with any two or more of the dozen or so platforms that FBP supports, you can add them all to your account at no extra cost.

Centralization of data is the key to running an efficient business. Most of my fellow teachers want to promote themselves from side-job online ESL teacher to a full-fledged remote worker. This means taking on a huge volume of classes to support a certain standard of living. You cannot easily keep tabs on hundreds of clients using Google Sheets and Excel. With a large customer base, we teachers need a powerful, yet user-friendly tool, which will categorize our students and track their progress.

No more disorganized chicken scratches on sticky notes! The Teacher’s Notes box makes entering and recalling data a snap.
Pull up your teacher’s notes in a snap.
All of your clients’ (also known as your students) information can be seen in just a few clicks of the mouse. 

For Student Management

FeedbackPanda was made to save us time. This innovative software shaves off minutes by automatically importing information from our teacher’s portal to our FBP account. Each student’s progress, as well as optional information you enter, is gathered and stored away. The user can upload student photos too–no more getting confused between multiple Leos and Annies! Because FBP is intuitive software, it eliminates messy procedures such as copying/pasting and mundane data entry.

“I want more busywork,” said no one ever.

For Personal Goals

Any teacher who uses FBP to its full capabilities always says that their careers and personal lives have improved dramatically. Because FBP eliminates unnecessary busywork, teachers can spend that extra time teaching more classes or taking care of their families.

FBP is a smart tool that provides ancillary services to teachers, allowing them to focus on giving quality lessons and feedback. When our attention is directed at our students, and not at data entry, our performance improves. Teachers have reported that their parent feedback ratings have risen dramatically because the quality of the student feedback has gotten better.

For Feedback

If performing computerized secretarial duties, tracking progress, and helping you to remember your students weren’t enough, FBP assists us in writing speedy feedback. In the days before FBP, we wrote each laborious report, trying desperately to decipher scribbled notes while remembering the details of lessons taught at the crack of dawn. We now have access to thousands of templates with detailed descriptions of the lesson’s contents.

Like any software worth its salt, FBP takes extraneous work out of the user’s hands. With a few simple clicks of the mouse, we have a full report for each student. We only need to fill in small, personal details to complete the report. Teachers have confirmed that one class feedback can be done in a couple of minutes with FBP. Yet, it’s not the feedback which makes teachers keep on subscribing month after month. It is how completely FBP takes care of our needs–from organizing our students and classes to making lesson prep a breeze. No folders to maintain or spreadsheets to actively update–FBP is simply an elegant software tool that makes our lives and careers so much easier.

This is your life without FeedbackPanda. 2019 Resolution: Get more organized!