FeedbackPanda Features

FeedbackPanda Features


FeedbackPanda Mobile & Desktop

Sync records automatically across all devices.

Use the FeedbackPanda App to create feedback and prepare for classes from anywhere. Whether you are at school, on the beach or at the soccer field, you will never miss a deadline with the ability to create feedback in your pocket. With FeedbackPanda’s mobile app, you can finish up notes from today’s lessons and prepare for tomorrow. Use talk to text to add notes and customizations quickly or reference student, lesson, course and feedback records to prepare for upcoming classes. We will keep things organized and synced across desktop, tablet, and mobile. Learn more.

All devices

 Feedback, Report, and Comment Templates

Keep a library of feedback, report, and comment templates for each lesson, ready for your personal touch.

For every lesson you teach, you only need to create your feedback texts once. After that, whenever you teach a student that lesson or course, you can re-use that text with a single click. Once generated with the student’s name and gender pronouns auto-filled they are fully customizable to reflect your unique student’s performance and that specific class.

Feedback Window


Sharing Templates among Teachers from your School, Organization, or District

Access templates written by other teachers and add them to your own template library. Easily edit and import the template and it will be saved for all future classes.

FeedbackPanda cloud

Student and Course Profiles

All records in one place, easily retrieved for a quick refresher before teaching your next class.

Keep a student profile including their photo, learning style and preferences to help build connection with your student and keep Course notes to help you prepare for upcoming classes. All records are accessible in one click from your classroom with the browser extension or easily searchable from the dashboard.

Student Profiles

Browser Extension

Load Course and Student records with a prewritten template in one easy click from your online classroom.

We offer free Browser Extensions for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. When installed, a “Create Feedback” Button will appear directly in your Online Classroom. Click it and every record will be auto-filled for that specific classroom, even for Students and Courses you have never taught before.

Learn how to install the FeedbackPanda Browser Extension.

Browser Extension


Stay up to date and celebrate with your students.

With the Calendar, you can easily check for upcoming students’ birthdays well in advance. You can also check the Calendar for Chinese Holidays to celebrate with your students or choose your vacation days! You will never miss a birthday with the notification bar at the top of the dashboard to help remind you of what is happening in the lives of your students on a weekly basis.

Birthday Calendar