The Dos and Don’ts of Teacher to Teacher Feedback

Every teacher has their own style but there is a standard of what to include when providing notes for the next teacher.  Here is a list of what to do and what not to do when writing about the student.
DO: Include the Student’s English Name
Write their English name if they have one. If their display name is ‘Xing-Tong’ and they introduce themselves as ‘Alice’ it can be a bit surprising. Having the English name is a helpful piece of info to share with the next teacher.
DO: Share their Age
Sometimes the age section of the student information form gets overlooked. We know that not all children were born January 1st. So if you have the information about how old your student is, share it with the other teachers.
DO: Specify their Gender
If the student has a Chinese name or an ambiguous name, it can be helpful to jot down the gender for the next teacher.
DON’T: Copy and Paste
Don’t just copy and paste the parent feedback. Teachers do not have time to sift through the information that you shared with the parents to find helpful information that they can use.
DO: Focus on Struggles & Strengths
Help the next teacher enrich the student’s learning by identifying some strength areas and struggle areas of that student.
DO: Provide some Extra helpful tidbits
What are the student’s preferences? What makes this student special?
Perhaps they love music and play an instrument or like to sing! Maybe they like anything with superheroes or lego! Help everyone have a good time by sharing this information with the next teacher so they can prepare a super lesson that this child will love.
DON’T: Clutter the section with your own personal notes
Don’t use the parent information sections to keep notes for yourself only, that is what FeedbackPanda is for. 😉