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How DaDaAbc + FeedbackPanda Templates Work Together

Easily create DaDaABC reports and assessments with FeedbackPanda. With our browser extension, you can automatically import your student and course information from your DaDaABC teacher portal and generate all your after-class reports and assessments in one click. We currently offer our Browser Extension for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge.

DaDaABC FeedbackPanda Integration
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Student Profile and Reports Generated for DaDaABC in One Click

After installing the FeedbackPanda browser extension, you will see a Panda button next to your courses the next time you open your DaDaABC teacher portal. Upon clicking the Panda button, a new tab will open to FeedbackPanda’s “Create New Report” window. Your student and course information will already be populated. If you have already created a template, it will be automatically selected. That way, your report will be ready for immediate customization.

Normally, creating reports and homework assignments takes DaDaABC teachers hours to complete, and that’s time that you are not getting paid for your work. With FeedbackPanda, you can finish a student report in a single click, giving you hours of your day back.

The more you use FeedbackPanda with DaDaABC, the more often it will automatically generate reports and assessments for you. After creating a template for a course, that template can and will be used again the next time you teach that course. You can use it as many times as you’d like. FeedbackPanda will also take care of putting your student’s name into the report and make sure the pronouns are correct for the student’s gender.

DaDaABC Teachers Share Report Templates on the FeedbackPandaCloud

The FeedbackPandaCloud is where DaDaABC teachers share their best report and assessment templates with all other DaDaABC teachers on our app. You can choose any of them to use for your own reports and customize them however you would like. There are thousands of templates on there, and if you teach for other ESL schools like VIPKid or GoGoKid, you can use those templates, too. Currently, our teachers have imported templates from the Cloud almost one million times.

FeedbackPanda for DaDaABC

Learn more about how FeedbackPanda can help you save time with DaDaABC report and assessment templates.


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How to Format DaDaABC Reports & Assessments

DaDaABC teachers are required to write reports after every class to provide students and parents with feedback on how the class went that day. This is one of the most time-consuming, challenging parts of the job because the reports must be submitted within 24 hours and they must be a minimum character count of 400. Creating constructive and meaningful feedback is especially difficult when you teach the same student multiple times a week. Coming up with unique, meaningful things to say for each and every class is not a small feat, but with FeedbackPanda, you will get access to hundreds of report and assessment templates so you don’t have to come up with new ideas every time you teach a class.

Generally, all our report and assessment templates follow this format, which is a requirement for DaDaABC feedback:

  1. Grade (A+,A, A-, B+)
  2. What we learned in class
  3. Areas that student needs to work on
  4. Homework Assignment
  5. Conclusion

Because DaDaABC is rather strict about the way teachers must fill out their reports after each class, it normally takes a long time to do them. With FeedbackPanda, writing reports and assigning homework can be reduced to minutes.

FeedBackPanda Announcement

FeedbackPanda is so amazingly helpful. It really has taken the stress out of doing feedback. I feel so much more organized, and I really like being able to go back and read all of my feedback for a particular student.

Samara Dean, ESL Teacher

When I think about how much time Feedback Panda saves me each day, I am amazed that not all teachers use it. It is a lifesaver! The creators are super responsive and helpful, too. THANK YOU!!!

Kristina Garcia, ESL Teacher

Feedback Panda is best bang (bang da) for your buck!

Sandra Partin, ESL Teacher

I just started using it today and it saved me so much time on my feedback!

Tara Crain, ESL Teacher

Feedback Panda is very easy to use and navigate. I feel organized and I’m working smarter and more efficiently. I’m sorry I didn’t start using Feedback Panda 200 classes ago, but it’s never too late to start! 5 stars for Feedback Panda! They just added the feedback cloud which gives you access to a TON of pre-written feedback that you can edit. Saves me even more time!!!! I finished my feedback in record time today. Thank you Feedback Panda!

Nichole Meier Churchill, ESL Teacher

It dramatically helped the efficiency of my work, and also, to keep my students’ profiles organized. It is AMAZING. I could not be more grateful than that. Thank you so much for inventing a version especially for VIPKID. I’m immensely grateful!

Lyra Su, ESL Teacher

Oh my goodness. I am so excited. I just entered today’s classes even though I already wrote feedback by hand. SO NICE!!! This is amazing!

Lisa Mellon Wagner, ESL Teacher

I LOVE FEEDBACK PANDA!! It lets you know if you’ve taught a student before!!!! (As long as you have the feedback for them saved). I am on day 7 of the free trial and have already purchased the $10/month package

April Cochran, ESL Teacher

I can’t say enough amazing things about Feedback Panda! It has cut my feedback time down from over 10 minutes to 1 and even less than 1! You can customize and change your templates as often or however you chose. Your students are saved each time you create feedback for them so you can easily track who you’ve seen and when. LOVE THIS PROGRAM!

Donnetta M Jaye, ESL Teacher

Common Questions

How much does DaDaABC pay?

DaDa pays between usually $15 and $25 an hour, depending on which course levels you are teaching and how much experience you have.

Where can I find DaDaABC’s reddit?

DaDaABC has an awesome reddit thread (/r/DaDaABC/) for DaDaABC teachers to share their thoughts, concerns, and questions.

What are DaDaABC’s hours?

DaDaABC hours include Monday-Friday from 6:00pm to 9:10pm (China Standard Time), as well as Saturday and Sunday from 9:00am to 12:10pm; 2:00pm—4:06pm; and 6:00pm—9:10pm (China Standard Time).

DaDaABC vs. VIPKid – which one is better?

DaDaABC and VIPKid have a lot of similarities, like their one-on-one classes, flexible schedules, and completely online schooling. DaDaABC does not require teachers to have an American accent, and they books students for you, unlike VIPKid.

What is the DaDaABC interview process like?

The DaDaABC interview is over Skype. After you apply, you will do a one-time video interview, and if you are accepted, you will start training and teaching soon after.

Is DaDaABC legit?

Yes, DaDaABC is a legit online ESL company that you can apply and work for if you have a teaching background. DaDaABC teachers work from home and teach students through a video platform.

Here’s how to create DaDaABC reports in minutes…

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