Template Analysis: Comparing Templates from the FBPCloud

Template Analysis Comparing Templates from the FBPCloud

With nearly 100,000 templates on the FeedbackPandaCloud, it goes without saying that there are lots of different styles to choose from.

Most templates share the attributes of great feedback. (You can learn more about writing great feedback here) They have a warm greeting to begin and a nice sign off that not only tells the student that they are awesome and earned 5 stars, but they also look forward to future lessons. The templates recap important elements of the lesson and also include things for the student to work on. The text is addressed to the parents and has a positive tone from beginning to end.

So how are the Templates different and what do the different templates offer? I picked a course at random and choose the top 4 imported templates from that course to take a closer look.


The overview template is the most popularly chosen template for this course with over 1000 imports. It is a perfect overview of the lesson including the target vocabulary, phonics to review, sentence structures, and sight words. Since this was the first lesson of the unit, the teacher also included the unit objectives as part of this template. The lesson also included a special element of a story which was also noted.

It is no wonder why this template is so popular. It is a great starting point when making your feedback since all of the talking points are there, and can remind you of how the student did at those points in the lesson.

The skeleton is the second most popular template for this course with over 500 imports. The name does not refer to a lack of information, it is nearly exactly the same text as ‘The Overview” template, it refers to the way the text is structured. It has a clear design. Unlike the first template, which is in one block paragraph, this template is separated by line breaks which make the different lesson elements easy to see. It also makes it easy to read quickly when choosing a template from the cloud.

The best part of having the line breaks in this template is that it is easy to fill in and customize. You can easily see which section of the lesson to refer to and can insert it with more clarity than.


The Academic Review template is the third most popular template, but wins for most unique structure. It has over 50 imports from the cloud. This template separates the lesson material and the student’s performance into academic categories.

The academic categories are:

  • Speaking & Listening
  • Social Studies & Science
  • Reading & Writing
  • Math (not included in this lesson)

This template is a full review of what was included in the lesson and my favorite part is that it is full of tiny practice point reminders throughout the whole text. The only thing that needs to be added to this template to make it a great feedback are the things that are special about your student and your lesson. Turn this template into a relational feedback and you will really impress the parents.

The Shortcake template is the fourth most popular template but is the #1 shortest template.  It has over 40 imports, 81 words, 459 characters, 6 sentences and 5 elements.

1. Greeting

2. New Material

3. Something they did well

4. Something to practice

5. Sign off

This is the ultraslim no fat shortcake. However, even though it is short, it is to the point and gives a clear practice point that can be done before the next class. Of course, if you want to add some whipped cream, customize this template to include those special moments that you enjoyed with the student. Hope you learned quite a bit! You can also read How to Personalize Your Templates by Teacher Caryn EU