Cocktails and Conversations
VIPKid Journey

Danielle Simpson, founder and CEO of FeedbackPanda, made an unexpected appearance in Chicago for the VIPKid Journey event. We at FeedbackPanda love our teachers because we are teachers ourselves! This was the first time that Danielle was able to personally meet some of the great teachers who subscribe to FeedbackPanda.

Danielle Simpson, FeedbackPanda founder and CEO, made it to Journey with her swag!

As an homage to Berlin, Germany–where FBP is headquartered–Danielle set up a reception at the Berghoff Restaurant in downtown Chicago. This German eatery has been serving up traditional fare since 1898, as well as brewing their own beer on site. We had some lovely microbrews paired with appetizers.

The Berghoff Restaurant has been a fixture in Downtown Chicago since 1898!

Several of our wonderful teachers came to meet Danielle. We spent a few hours simply getting to know one another. It was so easy–we all have so much in common! Many of us had never met before, but we came together as if we had been friends for years! VIPKid has bestowed so many blessings on us all–especially the gift of friendship.

From left to right: Devin Didier, Kristina Garcia, Danielle Simpson, Amanda List, Lauren Snider, Gabrielle Allemeier

We’d like to mention the people who came to our party. Thank you all so much for attending. We hope that the next FeedbackPanda party will be sooner rather than later!

Ginger Leopoldo and Gabrielle Allemeier recommend the milk stout!

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