VIPKid Class Finish Types

VIPKid Class Finish Types

After you are done teaching your courses, you will see different VIPKid finish types show up next to the classes in the teacher portal. Keep in mind, they don’t show up immediately after you finish the class. The class finish types change around 12:00 PM BJT.

6 VIPKid Class Finish Types


This is the most common finish type. This finish type means that the class was successfully taught, and you will receive full pay with your bonuses. There were no technical issues.


This is probably my favorite finish type. It means the student either canceled within 24 hours of class time, or they didn’t show up for class. If it is a Major Course (MC), you will receive full pay and your bonuses. For MCs, if it’s marked STUDENT_NO_SHOW prior to class starting, you do not to need go into the classroom. Enjoy your paid break.

If it’s a trial class, you only get half your base pay plus your bonuses. Be careful because, if a trial class is marked STUDENT_NO_SHOW prior to class time starting, most likely it will be rebooked; if it’s rebooked, you must show up for that class. This is one of the easiest ways to get a TEACHER_NO_SHOW. If a trial cancels prior to class starting, make sure you double check and triple check your schedule so you don’t miss a rebooked trial class. They can rebook a trial class within minutes of the starting time. Sadly, if the class is rebooked, you won’t get paid for both classes.

Class Finish Types

Both STUDENT_NO_SHOW trial classes and MCs count toward your 45 classes each month to qualify for the extra $1 participation bonus.

Feedback is optional for this VIPKid class finish type. I normally leave parent feedback that says something like this:

  • “I am sorry I didn’t get to teach Bao Bao today!
  • I hope to see him in the future! – Thanks! Teacher Caryn EU”

For Teacher to Teacher feedback, I will normally just leave a note, which might say:

“Student no show 5/1/2018”

I like to include the date because sometimes the date listed is incorrect.

Try Feedback Templates for Finish Types


Personally, I hate this finish type with a fiery, burning passion.  In the past two years of teaching for VIPKID, I have received two teacher no shows due to sleeping through my alarm. It happens to everyone, but that doesn’t make it hurt any less. My second ever teacher no show was even on Christmas Eve, which really put a damper on the holiday spirit.

Try your hardest to not miss class. Don’t stay past 28 minutes in back-to-back classes, even if the fireman asks you to. You will be marked as a no show if you are even seconds late to your next class. They can (and will) mark it within seconds if you aren’t in the classroom ready to teach.


Yes, students can be however late they want to be for the class; you, on the other hand, are being paid to be there. You must be on time or you will be marked as a no show. You get six no shows per contract. Then you will be fired. VIPKID is pretty strict about this and unforgiving.

Three TEACHER_NO_SHOWs in one day counts as one cancellation. If you miss four classes on the same day, it will count as two cancellations for your contract.


If the student has technical issues during class, sometimes the class will be marked as a STUDENT_IT_PROBLEM. For example, if the student’s camera or sound doesn’t work, the firemen will sometimes mark it as an IT problem.

They don’t do this very often. It tends to be a last resort. I have taught so many classes where the student’s sound was awful, and it still wasn’t marked as a STUDENT_IT_PROBLEM. Honestly, they are much more likely to mark it as a TEACHER_IT_PROBELM than a STUDENT_IT_PROBLEM, which frankly sucks.

If it seems like the student is having major IT problems, make sure to take screen shots to help prove it wasn’t your computer or network having issues. You also might want to run a speedtest and take a screenshot of the results to help prove that your network was fast enough. I like to use They even have an app for Google Chrome, which lets you run a speed test directly in your browser.

VIPKid Student IT Problem

Another app that you might want to download for Google Chrome is called Teacher’s Pet. It will show the finish type directly in the classroom, which is great for STUDENT_NO_SHOWS as well as IT problems. If you get a STUDENT_IT (or TEACHER_IT) , you can leave the classroom as soon as it’s marked.

Just like STUDENT_NO_SHOWs, the feedback is optional for this finish type. I will often leave a note apologizing for the technical issues and make a note about them in the Teacher to Teacher feedback.

Try Feedback Templates for Finish Types
VIPKid Student No Show

For MCs, you receive full pay for this finish type, and it counts towards your bonuses. You get half pay if it’s a trial class. You do not need to leave feedback for this finish type.


This is another VIPKID class finish type that really stinks. If your computer or internet has technical issues you will receive a TEACHER_IT_PROBLEM. You can only receive this finish type if you actually get into the classroom.

If your internet goes down and you can’t log into the classroom, most likely they will mark it as a TEACHER_NO_SHOW rather than a TEACHER_IT_PROBLEM. You can sometimes fight the finish type by sending a ticket, but it is challenging. Make sure to screenshot your attempts to login and try to communicate with the fireman. You can use the VIPKID App on your phone to message the firemen if your computer isn’t working.

You do not get paid for TEACHER_IT_PROBLEMs. Most of the time, the firemen will message you that the class is canceled due to a teacher IT problem, but sometimes they will mark it as a TEACHER_IT_PROBLEM out of the blue without warning. Again, this really stinks, especially if it seemed like everything was working on your end.

You do not need to leave feedback and this finish type doesn’t count towards your bonuses. A TEACHER_IT_PROBLEM is actually better than a TEACHER_NO_SHOW. It doesn’t count towards your six cancellations. That’s why you should always make an attempt to login, even if your network or computer might not be working.


Sometimes, the whole VIPKID system will start malfunctioning and no one will be able to log into their classes. Or there will be major IT issues in the classroom. This has happened about twice in the past year. I found out that there were system-wide issues by checking in the VIPKID Facebook groups. Everyone was freaking out (including me) because no one could log on.

VIPKID sent out a message notifying teachers that there were system-wide problems and not to worry. You still get paid for this finish type, and it doesn’t count against you as a TEACHER_NO_SHOW. It happens very rarely, but it does happen. This finish type counts towards your bonuses, but you do not need to leave feedback. I bet those VIPKID class finish types were quite helpful! You can also check out  Your Definitive Guide to Getting More VIPKid Bookings

Happy teaching!

Teacher Caryn EU