FeedbackPanda vs. Spreadsheets

FeedbackPanda vs. Spreadsheets I just googled the person who created the first electronic spreadsheet. His name is Dan Bricklin, and he started the spreadsheet movement in the late 1970s. This is an incredible accomplishment; programs such as Excel and Google Sheets have completely changed [...]

Do Online Teachers Need Makeup?

Do Online Teachers Need Makeup? First and foremost, appearance has nothing to do with our teaching ability; how we choose to present ourselves is a personal choice. However, teaching online brings about another challenge--the camera. We are forced to think of our appearance a [...]

Teachers Make Mistakes Too!

Teachers Make Mistakes Too! Gail Godwin famously said, “Good teaching is one-fourth preparation, and three-fourths theater.” Teaching is like a Broadway show, not only because active learning takes place in a fun environment, but also because teachers don’t get a second take. When many [...]

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