Canceling Classes with VIPKid

Canceling Classes with VIPKid We get sick. Our family members and pets get sick. Things come up. So goes life, thus we need to take a day off from work. With VIPKid and many other online ESL jobs, this can pose a problem when our status [...]

FeedbackPanda’s Fantastic Features

FeedbackPanda's Fantastic Features We couldn't fit all of FeedbackPanda's attributes into a concise blog post. We had to narrow the list, which doesn't even include the calendar for keeping track of Chinese holidays and students’ birthdays, your very own statistics page, and a mobile app--just [...]

Teachers Make Mistakes Too!

Teachers Make Mistakes Too! Gail Godwin famously said, “Good teaching is one-fourth preparation, and three-fourths theater.” Teaching is like a Broadway show, not only because active learning takes place in a fun environment, but also because teachers don’t get a second take. When many of us [...]

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