FeedbackPanda vs. Spreadsheets

FeedbackPanda vs. Spreadsheets I just googled the person who created the first electronic spreadsheet. His name is Dan Bricklin, and he started the spreadsheet movement in the late 1970s. This is an incredible accomplishment; programs such as Excel and Google Sheets have completely changed [...]

Do Online Teachers Need Makeup?

Do Online Teachers Need Makeup? First and foremost, appearance has nothing to do with our teaching ability; how we choose to present ourselves is a personal choice. However, teaching online brings about another challenge--the camera. We are forced to think of our appearance a [...]

Surviving VIPKID Trial Classes

Surviving VIPKID Trial Classes - 10 Things They DON’T Teach You in Training You feel elated to have made it through the rigorous hiring process for VIPKID. You can’t wait to start teaching! You open up as many spots on your schedule as possible, [...]

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