Taxes for Online Teachers

Taxes for Online Teachers Taxes - inconvenient and not fun, but necessary to live in a civilized society. While we online teaching professionals love our jobs, being an independent contractor comes with its burdens--especially taxes. I’m not a tax professional, so I cannot give [...]

FeedbackPanda’s Fantastic Features

FeedbackPanda's Fantastic Features We couldn't fit all of FeedbackPanda's attributes into a concise blog post. We had to narrow the list, which doesn't even include the calendar for keeping track of Chinese holidays and students’ birthdays, your very own statistics page, and a mobile app--just [...]

FeedbackPanda vs. Spreadsheets

FeedbackPanda vs. Spreadsheets I just googled the person who created the first electronic spreadsheet. His name is Dan Bricklin, and he started the spreadsheet movement in the late 1970s. This is an incredible accomplishment; programs such as Excel and Google Sheets have completely changed the [...]

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