Canceling Classes with VIPKid

We get sick. Our family members and pets get sick. Things come up. So goes life, thus we need to take a day off from work. With VIPKid and many other online ESL jobs, this can pose a problem when our status with the company takes a hit. Don’t feel as if you must work at the expense of your well-being; VIPKid makes provisions for teachers in need of canceling classes with VIPKid. For the most in-depth information, please visit your VIPKid portal.

Canceling Classes with VIPKid

VIPKid Cancellations Types

Soft and Medium Cancellations

Both of these cancellation types do not affect your contract status with the company. The difference is that medium cancellations mean that your incentive pay will be deducted by a certain amount. Check here for specific amounts.

Soft and medium cancellations are for:

  • Illness
  • Childbirth
  • Death of an immediate family member
  • Natural disasters

To obtain a soft or medium cancellation, appropriate documentation should be provided. In the case of medium cancellations, sometimes they are granted when the reason for cancellation is eligible, but the documentation did not meet the standards.

Written documentation is the best to meet the standards for a soft cancellation. Doctor’s notes on letterhead, insurance claims, police reports, official invoices and receipts will maximize your chances of getting a soft cancellation. Pictures can also help, but they will be insufficient by themselves. You do not have to give the nature of an illness or medical condition; VIPKid states, It is NOT necessary to submit any additional information about your medical condition beyond the birth of your child, and you may redact any such reference from the documentation that you provide.”

VIPKid Soft Cancellations: Informational Video

To submit an application for a soft or medium cancellation, keep your words simple and your sentences concise. Brevity is the best form of communication here. Compound sentences and long words may make the Chinese translations more ambiguous. You want to give just enough information to get the point across, so avoid writing out long paragraphs that might obscure your message.

Canceling Classes with VIPKid

VIPKid Regular Cancellations

These are cancellations that will incur a penalty of incentive pay deductions. Additionally, these types of cancellations may put you at risk for contract termination. We can’t always provide documentation for missed classes. Sometimes, we double-book ourselves with different companies, or we forgot that we had to attend an important function. Another example–our pets may fall ill or die. As an avowed animal lover, I wish that pets could be counted as immediate family members! But, VIPKid would count a missed class due to pet illness or death as a regular cancellation. 

Because VIPKid understands that “life happens,” and we don’t always have adequate documentation, we are given a total of 6 regular cancellations per contract. Use these sparingly! And be aware that your “Participation” percentage will drop with any teacher cancellation. So, soft, medium, and regular cancellations will all affect your participation percentage found on your stats page. These stats are visible to parents.

Cancel Booked Classes

Work to Live Instead of Live to Work!

In the end, your stats participation, incentive pay deductions, and even possible contract terminations should come second to your health and your family. Your mental and physical health is of the utmost importance. VIPKid gives you 14 days from the date of the missed lesson to get your documentation and affairs in order, and then to apply for the soft or medium cancellation. To follow the exact procedure, go here.

I’ve heard this said many times, and it’s true: You’ll never regret canceling a class to witness a birth/marriage/championship game of a loved one! I completely believe this. Likewise, you’ll never regret taking care of yourself and your family in lieu of teaching a class. Teach away, but be well and be merry too! To learn more you can also check out Your Definitive Guide to Getting More VIPKid Bookings