FeedbackPanda Is Now Integrated with the VIPKid Teacher App!

FeedbackPanda Is Now Integrated with the VIPKid Teacher App

In recent months, VIPKid has announced that teachers will no longer be able to teach from Chrome or any browser. You will have to download the desktop teaching app in order to teach. Many of FeedbackPanda’s loyal subscribers have asked what that means for Ping the Feedback Panda. Not to worry! We have found a solution, and have released our integration with the teaching app using the new FeedbackPanda Launcher!

Will It Be Any Different From the Chrome Integration?

The only difference is that you will now be able to access your FeedbackPanda account through the VIPKid app. Once you download the FBP software, you will have all the tools you’ve been accustomed to before, including seeing Ping the FeedbackPanda’s comforting face in your classrooms tab! When you click on Ping, your default browser will immediately open with your student’s information, all ready to go.

The VIPKid Website Is Still Live

Even though you cannot teach from the browser, you can still access the website. VIPKid has stated that the website will be available in the same capacity as it is now, excluding online teaching. Thus, you have your choice of accessing FBPanda via browser or teaching app.

Integrated with the VIPKid Teacher App
The little blue box will automatically appear when a new update is available.

Important Things to Remember

VIPKid is constantly updating their software. FeedbackPanda is always vigilant with the changes. When we need to update our software, you will be prompted within the FBP desktop launcher. Please update our software along with your VIPKid software so that both run efficiently.

When you have any questions or concerns, please contact us through:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Your FBP account

We want to make sure your teaching experience remains as positive as it has always been. Suggestions are also welcome; we’ve often made changes because of teachers’ feedback!

Where Can I Learn More?

You can always learn more about FeedbackPanda and answer any questions you may have from the FeedbackPanda help center. There you will find answers to the FAQ about the FeedbackPanda Launcher as well as the link to install the integration. If you thought FeedbackPanda’s VIPKid teacher app was fun, you can also check out WeChat: What Is It, and Should I Use It?

To learn more about how the app works with FeedbackPanda, check out our guide on VIPKid feedback.

Now Integrated with the VIPKid