FeedbackPanda vs. Five Apple Feedback:
What’s the best online ESL feedback app?

best esl feedback app for vipkid

FeedbackPanda is a feature-packed alternative to Five Apple Feedback that helps busy teachers save time, improve the quality of their teaching, and write meaningful feedback, faster. In this article, we will explore all of the differences between the two feedback apps. We’re going head to head with FeedbackPanda vs. Five Apple Feedback to determine who offers the best ESL feedback app.


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FeedbackPanda saves up to two hours per day, allowing more time for online ESL teaching.

Access thousands of customizable templates, and manage student data and records in one place from anywhere.

Best ESL Feedback App Desktop Mobile Friendly
Mobile & Desktop Apps

Create feedback and prepare for classes from anywhere.

Save FeedbackPanda Feedback Templates
Save Feedback Templates

For every Course you teach, you only need to create your Feedback texts once.

FeedbackPanda vs FiveAppleFeedback Share Templates
Sharing Templates

Access templates written by other teachers and add them to your own template library.

FeedbackPanda Student Course Profiles
Student and Course Profiles

Save student and class notes to help build connections with your students and prepare for your next class.

Best ESL Feedback app FeedbackPanda Browser Extensions
Browser Extension

A “Create Feedback” Button will appear directly in your Online Classroom.

Online ESL Teaching Calendar

Never miss a student’s birthday or a Chinese holiday.

FeedbackPanda vs. Five Apple Feedback Features

While both feedback tools have similar features, there are some notable differences between the two. FeedbackPanda has a greater number of customizable templates, the ability to automatically generate feedback with Smart Sentences, and mobile and desktop apps that allow you to keep track of your feedback, no matter where you go. If you do online ESL teaching with a full class load on VIPKid, the additional features in FeedbackPanda will pay off very quickly.

best esl feedback app feedbackpanda
online esl teaching feedback app

One of the main differences between the apps is that Five Apple Feedback only works for VIPKid teachers, while FeedbackPanda is able to integrate with any school—whether it’s online or brick and mortar. This makes Five Apple Feedback only viable as a FeedbackPanda alternative in relation to VIPKid. Another benefit of FeedbackPanda is that it is not just exclusive to ESL schools. Check out all of the available integrations, here.

Because it offers less functionality, Five Apple Feedback comes with a lower price tag. The website has a clean layout and simple navigation, and its features are straightforward. If you only teach with VIPKid occasionally, and don’t want to branch out to other schools, the simple feature set for a low price tag might be just what you’re after.

FeedbackPanda: A superior alternative to Five Apple Feedback


No credit card required


Five Apple Feedback

Schools Offered
GoGo Kid
Zebra English
Brick & Mortar
Ability to add custom schools
Template Cloud
Smart Sentences
Ability to create custom templates
Indication of outdated templates
Template Reviews
Monthly $15 $5
Yearly $150 $50
Free Trial 14 Days (No Billing Info Required) 14 Days (Credit Card Info Required)
Advanced Features
VIPKid Pay Calculator
Desktop App
Mobile App
Student/Class Data
Simple UI/UX
Browser Extension

What FeedbackPanda teachers are saying…

Student Feedback for Teachers

FeedbackPanda is so amazingly helpful. It really has taken the stress out of doing feedback. I feel so much more organized, and I really like being able to go back and read all of my feedback for a particular student.

Samara Dean, VIPKID Teacher

I can’t say enough amazing things about Feedback Panda! It has cut my feedback time down from over 10 minutes to 1 and even less than 1! You can customize and change your templates as often or however you chose. Your students are saved each time you create feedback for them so you can easily track who you’ve seen and when. LOVE THIS PROGRAM!

Donnetta M Jaye, VIPKID Teacher

When I think about how much time Feedback Panda saves me each day, I am amazed that not all teachers use it. It is a lifesaver! The creators are super responsive and helpful, too. THANK YOU!!!

Kristina Garcia, VIPKID Teacher & Brand Ambassador

Feedback Panda is best bang (bang da) for your buck!

Sandra Partin, VIPKID Teacher

Feedback Panda is very easy to use and navigate. I feel organized and I’m working smarter and more efficiently. I’m sorry I didn’t start using Feedback Panda 200 classes ago, but it’s never too late to start! 5 stars for Feedback Panda! They just added the feedback cloud which gives you access to a TON of pre-written feedback that you can edit. Saves me even more time!!!! I finished my feedback in record time today. Thank you Feedback Panda!

Nichole Meier Churchill, VIPKID Teacher

It dramatically helped the efficiency of my work, and also, to keep my students’ profiles organized. It is AMAZING. I could not be more grateful than that. Thank you so much for inventing a version especially for VIPKID. I’m immensely grateful!

Lyra Su, VIPKID Teacher

I just started using it today and it saved me so much time on my feedback!

Tara Crain, VIPKID Teacher

Oh my goodness. I am so excited. I just entered today’s classes even though I already wrote feedback by hand. SO NICE!!! This is amazing!

Lisa Mellon Wagner, VIPKID Teacher

I LOVE FEEDBACK PANDA!! It lets you know if you’ve taught a student before!!!! (As long as you have the feedback for them saved). I am on day 7 of the free trial and have already purchased the $10/month package

April Cochran, VIPKID Teacher

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