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About Haiden Hibbert

Hi, I’m Haiden. Each day, I work with teachers to help improve our app and make creating their student feedback a breeze. Start using FeedbackPanda to discover thousands of feedback templates, and let me know what you think.

VIPKID’s Free TEFL course

TEFL, or Teaching English as a Foreign Language, is a certification that shows you’ve completed a set amount of hours of training specific to teaching English as a foreign language. Find out everything you need to know about VIPKid's new TEFL certificate — what it is, why you should get it, and how to complete it.

How Should I Use Smart Sentences?

FeedbackPanda’s Smart Sentence feature makes things much easier for teachers. You can save time thinking about and writing feedback you repeat often, and even save snippets about planned time off, or asking for parent feedback. This post will clearly outline all the ways you should be using Smart Sentences to save time.

Feeling Guilty About Saying NO?

If you’re an online teacher and have ever felt horrible about saying no to a booking or to a student request, then you’ve arrived at the right post. Thinking of how you can balance your personal life and give your students the attention they need? By checking out this post you’ll learn how to do it gracefully, without the guilt.